Video Review: Ciara “Dance Like We’re Making Love”

Wearing sunglasses, Ciara lies in a pool, with a white t-shirt over her bikini top. She drips some water on her stomach. In a red gown, she stands on the balcony of the mansion. A sheet, set up like a chair, raises her from the water. She hangs from the sheet and twists it. A lion watches her as she walks on the patio.

In the red gown, she dances among the flowers and blooming trees in the backyard. A young man walks to her as she sits on a vintage bench. She disappears. Wearing an aqua bustier and midnight blue robe. she leans against the teal-painted wall of the bedroom. The young man walks into the mansion. Wearing a black dress, she dances with him in the ballroom. As she walks down the hallway, she rips off her jewelry and unties the straps of her red, sequined cut-out dress. White powder hits her naked body as she sways against the black background. She slides down the teal-painted wall.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ciara sips from her champagne glass as she sits up in bed. The young man lying next to her snores and she turns to look at him. She may invite him over again. He was pleasant and kind, which set him apart from most of her previous lovers. She should settle down, though at some point. However, there wasn’t any incentive for her to do so. She was wealthy and helped run her family’s business from home. He was suitable as a potential husband.

The young man talks about wine with her parents. She winces as he mispronounce one of the names of the wine. He really wanted to impress them. However, her parents were exchanging confused glances. She may have to rethink the situation. She thanks them for dinner and says she’ll call them during the week. Her mom takes her aside and tells her she can do so much better.

The young man says the suit is too much. She tells him he has to convince her parents he is capable of handling their lifestyle. The young man turns around and says he’s not out for the money. She gives him a small smile and hands him another suit. He takes it into the dressing room. The sales clerk approaches her and asks her if she’d like some lunch. She gives the clerk their order and says for them to rush it. It may not be about the money, but it wasn’t really about love, either.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2015

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