Video Review: David Guetta & Sia “Let’s Love”

Against a fiery orange background, four people hold hands as they stand in silhouette. A 17-year-old young man wears a virtual reality shield on his face. He points his gun as he tiptoes around the neon green lasers. A 17-year-old young woman peeks out from the corner and shoots. He joins her. A message on his screen reads: “Need more credits.”

He puts his shield on the put and takes parts out of a box. His mom walks into his room and tells him to stop. The young woman leans against the counter at the bar. She taps her wrist and disappears. He is able to fix it. On the Adventure menu, he chooses “1980s Adventure.” He appears on a sidewalk in a hot pink lit city. The young woman sees from across the street and smiles. They walk towards to one another and hug in the middle of the street. They dance in the club. A second young woman pours Beluga vodka into a glass on the table. The young woman, young man and their two friends slam down their drinks. The group walks on the street to another club.

A second young man takes off his virtual reality shield as he sits in his bed. He paces in his bedroom and sits down on his bed again. Electric blue lit skyscrapers can be seen through his window. He puts on his virtual reality face shield again. The young woman eats ice cream while she talks with another couple as the young man stands next to her. She leans against a car parked on the curb in the hot pink neon lit city and he kisses her. The young man disappears.

The young man’s parents stand over him as he sits on his bed. His father throws the face shield. The young woman sits on the bench and cries. The second young man picks at his dinner as the butler serves the next entrée. The young woman sits with her arms crossed as she leans on the car. The young man fixes his broken virtual reality face shield and puts it on again.

Rating: 5/5

The second young man admires the bare chest of one of his teammates on the polo team. His teammate side-eyes him and the second young man closes his locker. He carries his duffel bag to his car and turns on the radio as he drives back home. The young man he met on his virtual reality loved the song. He smiles as he thinks of them kissing. However, he had his avatar as a young woman. The young man would likely turn him away if he knew.

While in the virtual reality, the young man says he wishes he could stay in the world forever. He says he doesn’t fit in back home. He shares different point of view from his classmates and the adults. They make fun of him for his offbeat opinions. Being in the virtual reality allows him to live in the world he wants for himself.  Sometimes, he reads dystopian fiction. The second young man says he has something to tell him and says pretending helps him deal with things, too. The young man says he’s listening. He changes into his original profile of himself. The young man’s jaw drops. The second young man says he understands.

The young man wasn’t sure what to think. He was in love with the young man. There were questions he needed to ask himself and he didn’t know the answers. Back in the virtual reality, he wanders around the city in 80s Adventure and hangs out with another young woman. However, it wasn’t the same. As he walks, he sees the second young man stand outside the club, stumbling. The young man runs over and steadies him. The second young man shoves him off. The young man says he loves him and kisses him. The second young man leans against the young man and closes his eyes.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020


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