Video Review: Blackpink “Lovesick Girls”

Jennie, Rose, Jisoo and Lisa sit in parked convertible and look at a field. Lisa sits in a graffitied white car and argues with someone in the evening. As the person drives, she puts her hands on her head and screams. Lisa lies in a young man’s arms as they sit on the rooftop at night. She stands on the rooftop by herself and puts her hand on top of her head.

Jisoo holds a large hourglass and turns it in her hand while she walks on the royal blue flower field. Rose pulls her hair back while a second young man plays guitar on the windowsill. She twirls the microphone as she sits next to him. She smashes the guitar on the floor. They dance in a parking lot. Neon signs hang on the office building in the parking lot.

Lisa takes a baseball bat to the graffitied car’s headlights and windshield. She sits on top of the car. Jennie holds a teddy bear as she hangs out in an office. She lounges on a chair and bites her nails. Rose paints her bedroom wall pink. The second young man holds her wrist and bops her nose. She leans against the wall as he paints over her. In bed, she pounds the blanket. Jisoo runs on a bridge.

They dance outside the Cross Road restaurant. Lisa flips on the light switch. They throw food at one another as they eat out of containers. Lisa laughs as money flies over her. They point toy guns at a heart and hit the center of it. Rose throws black paint over the wall. She sits in a bathtub, her clothes and body streaked with black paint. Jennie stands in the rain by a tilted neon sign which reads, “Nothing.” They walk in the field.

Rating: 3.5/5

A young man takes a young woman’s hand. Jisoo stamps on the royal blue flower and slides down the wall. She couldn’t show up to class. It was too humiliating. Everyone knew she liked the young man. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. All the guys she liked usually went out with everyone else. She sits in a class and writes a depressing poem about never being in love. The professor tells the class the test is next week and to go over their notes. She holds her textbook to her chest and sees them kiss. After looking both ways, she runs across the street. She didn’t want to be anywhere near school. Rose, Lisa and Jennie text her. However, she ignores them as she stands in the rain. She wanted be by herself.

Lisa taps her foot as she sits in the second young man’s car. She had marked it up with graffiti. However, it didn’t seem to be enough. The young man cheated on her. All he’d learn was to repaint his car. She wanted to cause damage. In the backseat, she reaches for the baseball bat and hits the headlights. He wouldn’t have anywhere to take his new girlfriend.

Rose contributes a lyric as the second young man plays a song. He tells her it’s childish. Rose stands up in her bedroom and says it’s how she feels. The second young man says it just doesn’t work and suggest they stop for awhile. He helps her paint her room and kisses her. She asks if she’ll see him tomorrow. He says and they’ll hang out. She says she has an idea for a song. He smirks and says they’ll see. She tosses the black paint on the wall. He was only interested in making out with her. She sits in the bathtub and cries. Lisa sends a group text and says they have to get over their boyfriends and have fun. Rose texts that she has to clean up first. Lisa says she only has a half hour and make it fast.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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