Video Review: Def Leppard “Love Bites”

A young woman lies on her bed and reads a book. She rolls over and closes her eyes. Joe sings into a microphone in the recording studio. A second young man, wearing a hat and sunglasses, turns her head as she rides in a boat. Steve, Phil, Rick Savage and Rick Allen play their instruments as Joe continues to sing.

A third young woman leans against a brick wall in a park. A fourth young woman, wearing a red dress and sunglasses, walks on the sidewalk in the city. The second young woman takes off her sunglasses. She walks on a winding platform as she looks at the ocean. He stares ahead and closes his eyes. The second young woman watches the lights reflect on the lake at night. A fifth young woman sits a café at night and glares at a person who passes by her. She walks away.

Rating: 2.5/5

Joe takes off his headphones and says he can’t do it anymore. He’s done for the night. The producer suggests they take a break and come back in about a half hour. Joe throws up his hands and puts on his jacket. He says he’ll see everyone tomorrow.

As he walks to the diner, he thinks he sees the second young woman sitting in a booth. However, it was wishful thinking. She lived in a penthouse in the city. He had wanted to be with her. However, she had questioned about some gossip she’d heard from one of her society friends. Her society friends mingled with the bands and he knew  who it was. He didn’t deny he was sleeping with someone else. She told him he wanted his whole heart. He told her he loved her but he couldn’t do it. It had been a mistake.

The young woman, who had lived in a modest apartment in the suburbs, had been accepting of his lifestyle. She was an artist and had painted in her spare time. He had cut off contact with her after several nights together. However, he had shown her paintings to one of his artist friends. Last he read in an art magazine, she had her first exhibition. After breaking her heart, it was the least he could do for her. While he eats his spaghetti, he gives a small smile as he images in the young woman sitting across from him.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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