Video Review: Jorja Smith & Popcaan “Come Over”

An animated Jorja Smith lies on her windowsill and looks at the skyscrapers in the city at night. She checks her phone and lets her long hair rest out the window. A billboard says “Black Lives Matter” on top of a building. Her friend Erin texts, “what time you pulling at?” Smith responds “I dno. This guy is moving mad.” Erin tells her, “ffs can’t let a man control ur mood bby.” She continues to gaze at a picture of him on her phone. “Fuck it,” she thinks to herself and tosses her phone out the window.

Lightning strikes in the midnight blue sky as her phone falls. It cracks into several pieces. Smith stands on a piece of jagged glass and walks to her neon green rocket. She rides her rocket. The young man sits in his bathtub with a cigarette in his mouth. He sinks to the bottom of the bathtub as he sees no one has messaged him. Multi-colored straight lines blur as she rides at about 350 miles per hour.

He raises his head to the surface, realizing, “I can’t stop thinking about her.” She lands on the helipad and walks in silhouette within the narrow, golden columns. Two young men guard a door. It opens for her. She spins off her clothes and levitates in the air, wearing a white bustier. Popcaan appears on the television screens in the city and raps. The young man holds a phone to his ear and watches translucent fish float by him. The translucent fish float within a statue. A hologram of Popcaan shows up next to it. The young man puts his hand over his face. A tear slips through his fingers.

The young man sits on his couch, stirring his chopsticks in his carton of lo mein while he thinks, “why won’t she pick up?” Multi-colored lasers analyze her face as she walks down a hallway. In silhouette, a group of people dance by the flame orange sun. She walks into the crowd. A second young man grabs her butt. She pulverizes his face and high-kicks several men in the crotch. He punches through the wall and a bubble pops on his nose. She stands among the men she defeated. He peers through the hole in the wall and sees her levitating. Kicking through the wall. he stands underneath her and catches her as she falls. She smiles at him and leans in for a kiss.

Rating: 5/5

Jorja Smith sleeps in the young man’s arms as he carries her. Her energy was drained after fighting off the men. He touches her arm and it gives her a jolt. She pulls up the blanket of his bed to her. He says he’s going to sleep on the couch. She says she wants him next to her. He lies next to her and she rests her head on his chest.

A computerized voice alerts her of the time. He says he can change the settings as she rouses awake. She says it’s fine as she gets up. A hologram appears and reads off the menu choices. Smith says she’d like French toast, sausage and orange juice. He says he’ll have some cereal. The hologram holds up a list of cereals. He checks off what he wants. Smith tells him she won’t stay long. He tells her he’s glad she’s here.

As they eat, the young man asks her why she hasn’t talked to him. She says she didn’t want to seem desperate. He says he’s at fault also. A hologram notifies them assistance is needed while a red light flashes in his house. The young man covers himself with her body. Two young men stomp through the door and demand Smith. They stare at another while the two young men separate and walk into different rooms. A laser flashes over the two young men and hangs them in the air. A pleasant female voice says they will be teleported once they are identified. They disappear into a blur of scarlet red light. The pleasant female voice advises them it’s safe and the incident has been recorded for evidence. It asks for any additional comments. They say no. Smith shakes her head and says her nerves give it a ten. He chuckles and says he’s still shaking. She puts her on hand on his, steadying it and imbues her with some of her strength.

Director: Amber Grace Johnson Year: 2020

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