Video Review: Dixie D’Amelio, blackbear & Lil Mosey “Be Happy (Remix)”

Dixie D’Amelio sketches “Be Happy” in her notebook as she sits on her bed. blackbear sits on the top of his car while some teenagers skateboard on the sidewalk. He walks inside the aquarium. D’Amelio lies on a young man’s (Noah Beck) lap as they sit on the beach.

She opens the drawer of her dresser and puts on her Beats By Dre headphones. She hugs the young man as they stand on the sand. Lil Mosey sits on the stairs leading to his bedroom. He walks around his room while static appears on the television. A young woman sits on the couch. He stands in front of a mirror and in the aquarium.

She laughs while several of her friends lie on the sand. One of her friends raises her phone and she smiles for the photo. She and the young man kiss at the beach. Lil Mosey watches a shark swim over him in the aquarium. She stands with Lil Mosey and blackbear while multiple fish pass by.

Rating: 3/5

Dixie D’Amelio holds her boyfriend’s hand as they walk on the beach. She narrows her eyes and pinches his chest, telling him that Taco Tuesday isn’t everyday. Her boyfriend turns to her, aghast and tells her she’s being mean. She says she noticed he was bloated and tells him he has too many people around him that aren’t honest with him. He shakes his hand away and says she can walk home.

She slams her bedroom door. Her sister tells she needs to get over whatever is bothering her. D’Amelio watches television and sighs. Her phone vibrates. It’s about a dozen texts, asking her if she wants to talk. She shrugs. They all knew she broke up with her boyfriend and were concerned. She smirks. Half of her friends were already after him.

Lil Mosey films the shark swimming by him. She remarks the fish are really active today. Lil Mosey says he loves coming to the aquarium. She says it’s her place to get away from everything. Lil Mosey explains fun facts about sharks and she grins. Lil Mosey didn’t want anything from her. He had no idea she was popular at school and everyone wanted to be her. Lil Mosey it was nice talking to her. As she walks out, she sees blackbear smoking and he offers some to her. She takes the cigarette and exhales with a smile. blackbear says it’s the good stuff. She says she’ll buy some off of him. He gives her some and says it’s complimentary. She tells him he’s sweet and says she thinks she has seen him around. He cocks his head and answers, “probably.” She laughs as he hands her a card and says she’ll have to give him a good review. blackbear tells her, “you do that.” She waves goodbye as she walks home.

Director: John Tashiro Year: 2020


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