Video Review: Becky Hill “Space”

Becky Hill and a young man sit across from each other at the table. They watch a Newton’s cradle in the midnight blue lit warehouse. She leans against a wall. The table extends and she sits about 6 feet away from him. She slides back to him.

The balls from the Newton’s cradle bounce on the steps. She sits on the steps. They sit opposite each other while on the staircases. Standing upside down, he reaches for her. They sit on multiple staircases. She stares at him as she passes by him sitting on the staircase. They cross paths on the staircase. She slides back to him again.

Rating: 2/5

The young man stares at his hands while he sit at the table. Becky Hill shakes her head and says he has to talk. She suggests they not see each other for awhile. Grabbing her purse, she says she hopes to hear from him again and leaves. While she drives home, she passes by where they went on their first date. She makes a turn into the park.. As she sits on the bench, she thinks of how it was easy it was back then. They talked for hours and visited every year for their anniversary. It was a pleasant memory.

She brushes her hair back as she paints the walls of her home. It had been something she’d been meaning to do. She puts her hands on her hips and takes a look at it. It needed another coat. Her phone rings and she sees it’s the young man. It was sooner than she expected. Only two weeks had passed since they decided to break up for a while. She sits on her steps and listens to his voicemail.

The young man looks up as she sits at the kitchen table. He says he has a surprise for her and gets his keys. She grins as he watches him turn into the park. He tells her he didn’t forget and gets out carryout. She opens her container and tells him that he even remembered about the sauce. He gives her a small container. She points with her a plastic fork a family of ducks. He grabs his phone and takes a video of it. They smile at one another.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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