Video Review: Ricky Martin, Fat Joe & Amerie “I Don’t Care”

In black-and-white, Ricky Martin sits against a graffitied wall. He dances by himself against the plain background.  Amerie and several young women shake their hips against the plain background. Martin sits in his convertible. He dances with the group of people on stage. Amerie dances on the platform. Martin joins her.

Martin touches Amerie’s leg as he sits next to her. Amerie runs her hands along his arms as they sit on a bench. A young woman holds onto a tissue while Fat Joe argues with her. She puts her hand on his chin and he turns away. He gestures with his thumb to Martin.

Rating: 1/5

Ricky Martin turns a page in his book as he sits on the couch. He glances at Amerie while she watches television and puts a hand on her leg. She cringes as she reacts to the episode. He continues to read. She moves her legs to the other side of the couch. Martin kisses her on the forehead and says he’s going to bed. She tells him good night.

While he brushes his teeth, he hears laugh in the family room. She was home with him and it was that mattered to him. For about four months, she had been seeing someone else. His friends told him it was okay to end the relationship. He told his friends they worked it out. Her cheating hadn’t bothered him as much as he thought it would. She was gorgeous and of course, guys were going to hit on her. It was what it was.

A young man blushes as he bumps into Martin at the store. He tells him it was nothing and it’s over. Martin shrugs and says there wasn’t any bruising. The young man says he was talking about Amerie. Martin handwaves it and says they are fine. The young man tells him he appreciates it. Martin nods and lets him go ahead of him in line.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2005

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