Video Review: Ozuna, Karol G & Myke Towers “Caramelo (Remix)”

Chocolate coated mountains drizzled with frosting encompass the land. Chocolate pretzels with sprinkles form rocks in the lake. A sundae with whipped cream and cherry stands high while glaze snowflakes fall. Two young women wave from a chocolate ice cream cone hot air balloon.

Ozuna stands in the center of a multi-colored cake topped with sprinkles. Two young women lie by the two other layers of cake. Swirl lollipops and candy canes stick to the ground. Karol G, Ozuna and Myke Towers dance on the platform of the staircase. Several ice cream cone hot air balloons fly by the bubblegum pink clouds.

Karol G sits on a chocolate ice cream sandwich ottoman in the sauna. Several young women dance in place on the chocolate fudge benches. Towers stands by an ice cream truck while several young women dance by the picnic benches. Ozuna and Towers put their arms on Karol G’s shoulders as they stand by the staircase.

Rating: 5/5

Karol G touches the frosting of the cake and exclaims “it’s real!” to Myke Towers and Ozuna. She licks it off her finger and says it’s delectable. Ozuna and Towers take big pieces of cake in their hand and bite into it. Karol G sees the cake sway and tells them to move back. The cake splats on the ground. Karol G puts her hand over her mouth. Ozuna, his mouth full, gestures for them to run.

Towers checks the ice cream flavors and prepares the machine inside the truck. Karol G says she’ll be his first customer. Ozuna orders also orders an ice cream cone. A crowd lines up behind them. She jumps inside and helps him as people grumble. Ozuna takes orders. Around 5 p.m., Towers closes his van and asks them if they plan to stay. Karol G says she looked at a cranberry bread home the other day. Ozuna says he bought a crème brulee home. Towers whistles and says he’s going back to his oatmeal cookie apartment. Karol G says she’s renting a penthouse at the baked Alaska hotel and he’s coming with her.

Karol G lies on the chocolate sandwich lounge chair in the sauna. A young woman talks about working in the vegetable district. Karol G says she couldn’t live the candy behind. The young woman says she didn’t like it at first. However, it was for work and she couldn’t find anything in the dessert district. It was too competitive. But she ended up saving a ton of money. Karol G says she has shopped so much she since moved. The young woman says the area is rural. But she’s able to find things. Karol G says she’s going to have to take the ice cream cone hot air balloon there. The young woman says she’ll have to take the eclair train. It’s the only way to go. Karol sits up on the chair and schedules a trip. She wanted to see every part of the food world. Ozuna accepts his ticket. Towers tells her he’ll set up plans to close for that week.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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