Video Review: Titiyo “My Body Says Yes”

A multi-colored spiked cord spins by Titiyo’s black-and-white eye. She dances within her eye. A rose spirals in the center in color as she continues to dance in black-and-white. As she performs, it rotates to color and black-and-white multiple times.

A heart and crown appear against a neon green background. A young man dances against a lavender background. A melting eye becomes a thin line and slides away from the center of his body. A young woman dances against a lavender background. Half of the screen is cut off and shows a young woman in a painting looking at her. Back in color, Titiyo dances while clouds zap by her. Lit in a hazy red, a second young woman shakes her hips.

The young man tries not to trip against the twisting neon girl swirl against the graffitied background. A cube moves against her body as she dances against the cobalt blue background. It continues to rotate between black-and-white and color. A painting of the sun appears against the cloudy background. A fish drives through on a three-wheeler. A young man’s lips can be seen as he raps. In black-and-white, the lyrics roll by him as he raps. She continues to dance.

Rating: 2/5

Titiyo admires the painting in her mom’s hallway. The sun seemed to be thoughtful and mediating. It had meaning for her. It was a cool mauve, cautious as it watches over the new day. She tells her mom where she got the sun painting. She really likes it. Her mom raises her eyebrows and says she found it at a garage sale. She says the artist should be famous. Her mom asks her if she’s feeling okay and says she’s hated the painting ever since she was a kid. Titiyo shrugs and says she changed her mind. She skips into the family room and says she’s going out with the young man again. Her mom grins and says she’s glad it’s working out.

The young man invites her to stay over at his house. She puts her purse down and says she’d like to but she can’t. The young man says they don’t have to do anything. She blushes as she thinks of everything she wanted to do. She says she has to go. Her skin singing her bone, she walks to her car and drives home. She slams on her brakes as she almost misses a stop sign. A second young man curses at her.

Titiyo reasons there’s nothing about how she feels. It’s what she wants. However, she didn’t want to disappoint herself. Their relationship could be over in a month. He’s proven himself to be a gentleman, though. She shakes her head and leans against the wall. It wasn’t too soon. The right time was now.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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