Video Review: 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’ “Runnin”

A message reads on screen: “On January 26, 2020 Savage won the grammy for best rap song. On August 26, 2020 him & Metro brought the grammy to Atlanta.” His Grammy award for Best Rap song sits on a charcoal coach on someone’s curb. A young man glances at it and grabs it.

21 Savage stands with his hands behind his back as his stands by an apartment building. An 8-year-old girl talks her to 2-year-old brother on the swing. A 12-year-old boy stands by a fence with a couple of kids. Metro Boomin, wearing a jeans and a Three 6 Mafia t-shirt, sits on a grocery cart while Savage raps by him. The 12-year-old boy passes the Grammy Award to his friends. 21 Savage hands it to a fiftysomething man. Boxes of chips and cookies sits on a second young man’s car. He and Boomin’ do donuts in a parking lot.

A twentysomething woman holds it and smiles. A clerk at the gas station dances with it by the beverage aisle. A third young woman holds it in the air as she stands in the dressing room at the strip club. A fourth young woman shakes her butt while a fifth young woman dances with it. A twentysomething man leaps over it on his skateboard. A second twentysomething flips over ribs on the grill. A 6-year-old girl holds the award. Savage and Boomin’ drive off.

Rating: 5/5

The 12-year-old touches the Grammy award. He tells 21 Savage he’s going to make it out of the neighborhood like him. He knows he can do anything. Savage says he can do it. The 12-year-old says he wants to open a business when he grows up. He thinks he may want to start a restaurant and help feed the people in the area. However, sometimes he wants to start a non-profit. He isn’t sure. 21 Savage tells him they are all good ideas.

A twentysomething woman dances with the Grammy. She exclaims that it’s so exciting and says she hopes to get an award like it some day. 21 Savage asks her what she’s working on. She says she teaches dance and plans to be a choreographer. She says it’s possible since someone from her neighborhood made it.

The seventysomething man says he almost went to Los Angeles when he was in his 20s. However, he had to take care of his mom and work two jobs. He wasn’t able to go. He says he remember him when he was a kid. He knew he was going to be a star. Savage says he used to mow his lawn. The seventysomething man tells him it helped him out. Savage tells him he had a lot on his plate. The seventysomething man says he’s glad he’s successful and it’s as though he won the award, too. Savage hugs him and tells him to stay healthy.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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