Video Review: Spice Girls “Wannabe”

Two fortysomething men run on the sidewalk as Melanie B, Melanie C, Victoria, Emma and Geri follow behind them. They sing as the thirtysomething man opens the car. The thirtysomething woman holds onto her two boys’ shoulders as they walk alongside by them. Geri races ahead inside the St Pancras Hotel in London, United Kingdom. Melanie B takes Emma’s hand as they run to the door.

The hotel clerk tries to stop them. Melanie B and Emma tear apart his book. Melanie B, Melanie C and Geri dance in the lobby. Victoria sits on a second thirtysomething man’s lap while Emma sits on a chair next to her. Melanie B kisses a twentysomething man as he sits on a couch. They dance on the steps. Emma walks on the cushioned booth and rubs the hair of a second twentysomething’s hair while his girlfriend side-eyes her. Victoria laughs with a group of people as she sits on the left side of the booth.

Melanie C does cartwheels on top of a table in the banquet room. Victoria puts a thirtysomething woman’s boa around her neck. The three seventysomething men smile as Emma and Melanie B dance by them. Emma gives one of them a kiss. Victoria steals a tablecloth and takes a glass of champagne from a server’s tray. A second twentysomething woman and her thirtysomething husband dance at their table. They run out of hotel and get on the bus right before it leaves.

Rating: 4/5

Emma says she’s going to stay in the penthouse of the St Pancras one day. She’ll lie on luxurious sheets and drink wine from the mini-bar. Victoria says she stayed once with a socialite friend and it was fine. Emma smiles and says she was right at home while she was there. Victoria says she ran into a couple of people she knew. They’ll probably invite her to come over later.

Geri says the old men were nice at the wedding. Melanie B says the newlywed couple were so irritated. Melanie C adds some of people liked her cartwheels. A few people clapped. Victoria folds her arms and says they aren’t going to stay together long. They are both having affairs. It’s for appearances only. Emma leans in, saying, “tell me everything!”

Melanie B waves out the window at the tourists and tells them she hopes they are enjoying their trip. Geri blows them a kiss and urges them to leave their guided tour. Emma whispers that they are going to get kicked off the bus. Victoria groans as a piece of gum sticks to her high heel. Melanie B handwaves it and says the bus driver doesn’t mind. Geri sits up front and asks the bus driver if he is bothered by them. The bus driver says they are fun. Geri walks back to her seat and says he’s cool. Melanie B says they love them. The bus driver calls out he loves them, too.

Director: Johan Camitz Year: 1996

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