Video Review: Joey Lawrence “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix”

Someone splashes baby blue paint on the brick wall. A young woman pirouettes in front of the graffitied wall. Someone sprays a red line on the wall. A young man dumps baby blue paint as he stands on the platform. Joey Lawrence dances by the beach. He walks by the wall.

He and several young people perform a dance routine by the wall. Wearing a tank top and jeans, he sits on the platform. A young woman passes him the football. He catches it and scores a touchdown as his friends play on the beach. Some of his friends tackle him. As the sun sets, a young woman continues to pirouette in roller skates.

Lawrence holds onto the trapeze bar. A young woman puts her both feet in the bars and swings. His friends dance in a circle by the wall. He and his friends walk on the boardwalk.

Rating: 3/5

Joey Lawrence cheers for a young woman after she scores a touchdown. He lifts her up the air as she gives her a hug. She hands him the ball once he puts her down and says her team is going to beat his. Lawrence grins and says, “maybe.” While he gets in formation, he sees the young woman talk with a young man, one of his best friends. He hangs his head. A second young man shakes his arm and says for him to tackle. He tries to catch up but falls. The young man scores the second touchdown. The young woman smiles at him.

After the game, he puts his arm around the young woman and asks her if she’s hungry. She turns her head and says they are going to eat. One of the young women suggests her dad’s restaurant. Lawrence says they can go there. His friends agree. They sit at the booth. One of their classmates, a third young woman, stammers as she asks  Lawrence what he’d like to eat. Lawrence says a hamburger and hands her the menu. His friends chime in the orders.

The young woman says she thinks the server likes him. Lawrence says he doesn’t think so. The third young woman knocks over a soda glass. One of his friends tells her she’s clumsy. Lawrence shoots him a dirty look and he helps her clean the table. Lawrence tells his friends they aren’t mean. His friend says it’s a brand new shirt. Lawrence comments it’s not like he can’t buy new one. One of the young woman says the server’s really nice and she’s going to talk to her. Her dad has a hard time finding people and she’s actually comes to work on time. As they leave, Lawrence apologizes for his friends. The server says it’s not a big deal. Lawrence says his friend is a jerk and that he’ll see her in class. The server smiles and waves goodbye.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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