Video Review: Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam “Kiss Your Tears Away”

Lisa Lisa brushes some hair away from her face as she sits by the lake. In her childhood bedroom, she looks over family photo albums. In black-and-white, she blows out the candle on her kid. Her parents sit next to her on the porch as they celebrate her 5th birthday. She opens her presents. Back in color, she walks around the lake.

Her dad yawns as he reads the newspaper at the kitchen table. Her mom watches him. Lisa Lisa walks in the house and kisses her dad on the cheek. She gives her mom a hug and kiss. As she sits at the table, she drinks some milk and checks her watch. Back in black-and-white, she blows a kiss. In color, Alex and Mike join her at the lake. They talk as they walk in the city. She sees her dad kiss another young woman. Her dad sees her and breaks apart from the young woman.

Her mom and dad in the kitchen. Lisa Lisa stands as her dad walks out of the house. She sits with her mom as she cries. Her dad says, “I’m sorry” to her mom. She closes the door on him. He sits on the porch and sees Lisa Lisa walk up to the door. He hugs and she takes his hand. Back in black-and-white, she blows a kiss again.

Rating: 5/5

Lisa Lisa drives by her dad’s house and sees his girlfriend’s car in the driveway. She sighs. Her dad was really trying for her to like his girlfriend. However, she preferred to think she didn’t exist. The positive side of it was at least it was the same girlfriend she caught him with on the street. His girlfriend opens the door and says it’s good to see her again. She mentions they haven’t had a proper introduction. Lisa Lisa nods and goes straight to her dad. His girlfriend asks her about her job and if she’s dating anyone. Lisa Lisa tells her she’s single and doesn’t have to time to think about relationships at the moment. In the family room, her dad pulls her aside and asks her to please give her a chance. Lisa Lisa she forgives him. However, she’ll be polite to his girlfriend. But she’d prefer he try again with mom.

She knocks on the door of her mom’s house. Dishes were still in the sink. Her mom sits in the chair, staring ahead. Lisa Lisa sits next to her and asks her if she needs anything. Her mom says her wedding meant nothing. It was just a ring. Lisa Lisa tells her dad did love her and he’s just going through something. Her mom tells her to be realistic. He’s not coming back. However, she appreciates her wanting to keep the family together. Lisa Lisa says she’ll clean up for her. Her mom says she’s going to lie down.

As her mom sleeps, she looks through family albums. Her mom and dad were so in love. On road trips, her dad held his mom’s hand while he drove. Her mom picked lint off her dad’s shirt. They had always taken care of each other. She didn’t understand why her dad didn’t want her mom anymore. Her mom was a difficult time moving on. Lisa Lisa thought her dad was going too fast with his new girlfriend. However, there was nothing either of them could do. Her dad had made his decision. Lisa Lisa, though, just wanted her family back.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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