Video Review: Yungblud “Cotton Candy”

Yungblud lies with his hands behind his head in his bed. A young woman pops up from under the sheets and puts her hand on his chest. He touches a young man who crawls by the foot of the bed. A couple makes out on the floor as people line the bedroom.

Three young women dance in the family room. One of the young woman sits on his shoulders as he sings. A second young woman sits on the floor and eats spaghetti. A second young man takes off his shirt and kisses a third young woman on the floor. In the basement, lit in emerald green, a fourth young woman licks a fifth young woman’s back.

Yungblud slides into the bathroom. He sings into the microphone hanging from the ceiling. He dances in front of the mirror. A fifth young woman kisses his cheek. A third young man plays the drums. Yungblud washes his hands while people walk into the bathroom. A fourth young man licks a urinal. Two young men kiss him on the cheek. He becomes rainbow particles.

He forms into a person again in a family room. Two young women dance between two stuffed tiger couches. He feeds the fifth young woman frosting and smears it all over her. While riding a fifth young man like a horse, he fires off an arrow. He lies in the center of shirtless people in their underwear. People laugh with frosting all over their bodies. The director sits in his chair. A sixth young woman walks up to him and they make out.

Rating: 0/5

Yungblud kisses the first young woman and says he really likes her. The first young woman says she likes him, too. He tells her there are no expectations. They are best friends and he cares about her. However, he can’t be true to her. They both have the freedom of going out with other people. The first young woman sits up and asks if she’ll consider anything serious. Yungblud tells her they belong to no one and it’s not worth getting upset about. The first young woman says “okay.”

She walks backstage and sees him making out with two men. He waves at her to come over and meet two more people in their family. She inches back and says the show was great. He tells her the two men are really nice. One of the young man says he has good taste. The young man kisses the young woman as she sits down. She turns to Yungblud and whispers that they can be together in private. Yungblud shrugs it off and says they are all friends. She can take off her clothes if she wants. No one will care.

The young woman finds her high heel and crawls over the young man. The first young man touches her foot and says it was a good time. The young woman forces a grin and says it was nice meeting him. She glances at Yungblud, lying on another young woman’s chest. Yungblud hadn’t really talked to her while she stayed over. He mainly hung out with the two young men. The young woman, she learned, had missed an entire week of classes to be with Yungblud. The young man he’d convince him to take him on tour. The young woman had smirked. It was what he thought. As she sits on the bus, she thinks of getting a dog. She had put in application for a pitbull looking for a home.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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