Video Review: Tracy Bonham “Mother Mother”

On television, lit in cornflower blue, Tracy Bonham opens her sings. Bonham’s mother scatters air freshener on the carpet in the family room. She holds the cord as she vacuums. A framed elementary school photo of Bonham hangs on the wall. Her dad carries a golf cart and passes by the three young men playing instruments in the kitchen. She grabs a washcloth and cleaner off the table. Bonham continues to sing on the television while she continues to clean it. Her mom closes the doors to the kitchen.

Her mom changes the station to the home shopping network. She listens as the host describes the diamonds in the ring.

Rating: 5/5

Tracy Bonham’s mother looks at her cards. She lays a card down and tells her friends that Tracy is doing well in New York. The owners of some bars schedule every weekend to play. Some producers have expressed interest and she’ll be recording soon. Her mother’s friend puts her hand to heart, saying “thank goodness.” Bonham’s mother nods and says she didn’t want her to go. However, it’s working out for her.

Her mother puts her finger on her chin and tears down the wallpaper in her daughter’s bedroom. Tracy wasn’t going to be coming back anytime soon. She’ll able to stay at their house, of course. However, she’ll have to sleep in the guest room. She calls out for her husband. Her husband brings his golf bag and says he came across a treadmill at a great price. She says they’ll have to get to the store.

Her dad puts a check in the envelope and address it to Tracy. Her mom says Tracy’s doing fine and reaches for the check. He says it’s just in case. When he talked to her on the phone, she seemed different. Her mom says that it’s just her. Moody is her disposition. Her dad shakes his head and it wasn’t it. Something was really wrong. He seals the envelope and addresses it. Her mom says he’s spoiling her and it’s not teaching her anything. Her dad gets up and says he’s going to the post office. Her mom dials the phone and talks to one of her friends.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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