Video Review: 3T “Anything”

Lit in cornflower blue, a young woman opens her palm and lets the rain it. Taj, T.J. and Taryll sit on a couch in their home. The young woman packs up her suitcase and they watch her leave. As it pours, she runs on the sidewalk. Taj sees her sit in the shelter at the bus stop.

T.J. paces around the house. Taj bounces a baseball in his hands as he lies on the couch. Taj talks with her as they stand on the sidewalk. She fades away. He sits on the bed. They sit on the stairs. T.J. taps his foot as he sits against the wall. The young woman walks past several bowls on the floor. Taj, T.J., Taryll and the young woman dance separately on the roof at night. They run out the door as it continues to rain. Taj sits in his car and watches her sit in the shelter. The bus arrives and she continues to sit. Taj smiles. She picks up her suitcases and walks. Taj sees her fade away.

Rating: 3/5

Taj puts the key in the drawer. The young woman may come back again. They usually fought and made up sometime in the next week. Taryll pats him on the back and tells him things are going to get better. Taj says she’s the one and he can’t imagine being with anyone else. He says it was pouring and she just left. He hopes she’s okay. Taryll says they may found something out at school. He says they should get going.

Taryll parks their car and says he doesn’t see her. T.J. mutters that she’s being cold. Taj sees her walking with her last long-term boyfriend. T.J. says it won’t last. Taj slams the car door and says she can’t be back together with her ex-boyfriend.

In the halls, two young women whisper as Taj gets his books. The young women puts her hand on his arm and says he deserves so much better. He shakes her hand away and asks her what she heard. The third young woman says he doesn’t want to know. The second young woman says she was cheating the entire time. The third young woman says her parents encouraged her to see her ex. Taj excuses himself and walks out of school.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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