Video Review: Bebe Rexha & Doja Cat “Baby, I’m Jealous”

A cook sharpens his knife in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. Bebe Rexha points at a picture in Doja Cat’s phone while Nikita Dragun, Charli D’Amelio and Avanii Gregg laugh. They clink glasses. Rexha says she “got some more cocktails for you guys.” She takes a picture and stares at a photo of her boyfriend on her phone. Turning to Cat, she says, “Girl, look at this.” Into her phone, she says, “hey Google, text my boyfriend, why are you being so shady?” The Google assistant repeats it back to her. She asks the group, “should I send it.” Cat shakes her head, “Bebe, no.” Rexha explains, “sometimes I’m so over social media. Like, could we go back in time, like to the 1800s. I bet the girls back then didn’t have to deal with any of this.” Cat adds that “you’d probably died from dysentery.” Gregg sips her drink as Rexha asks, “what’s dysentery?” Cat explains, “my grandma had it.”

D’Amelio reasons, “you’re 31, so you’d probably be dead by now.” Rexha snarks, “thanks Charli. I love you, too.” D’Amelio says, “it was life expectancy.” Rexha suggests the 1960s, saying,. “that was fun.” Dragun says, “you’ll be sharing your bed faster than you could get cancelled on Twitter.” Cat’s eyes bulge and adds, “she has a point.” A fortysomething woman watches as Rexha closes her eyes, saying, “give me a sexy caveman with big muscles. ‘Save me’.” Cat retorts, “don’t get me started on the Dawn of Creation.” The fortysomething woman offers Rexha a fortune cookie. Rexha dismisses her, explaining “we’re not done yet. So maybe like after the check. I think..” The fortysomething woman pushes the plate further to her. Rexha says “okay, thank you.” She opens and gets zapped into a portal. D’Amelio, Dragun, Cat and Gregg exchange confused looks.

In London 1969, Rexha wears a white headband, hoop earrings and a halter jumpsuit. She sees her boyfriend kissing a young woman on the couch at the club. After she pulls them apart, she chews him out. The young woman strokes her hair and she pushes her back on the couch. The fortysomething woman watches with a drink in her hand. During the 1800s, she nods at her boyfriend and dances with him. Filmed through a tan faded filter, Cat and Rexha sit for photos. Back in the house, she touches her breasts and flicks her boyfriend’s hand away from a second young woman. Rexha tries to breathe as two maidens lace up her corset.

Rexha, wearing tan, leather boots and a matching belted bodysuit, she stands up on a mountain and eats meat off the bone sometime in 10,089 A.D. In the cave, she wakes up the second young man and removes the blanket. Another young man lies next to him. Cat as Eve, stands by a tree in the forest during the Dawn of Creation and touches a shirtless Adam. A snake slithers by an apple. Rexha and Cat stand together. Adam takes the apple. Rexha gasps as she returns to the table. Cat looks at her as she eats. Rexha, D’Amelio, Dragun, Cat and Gregg burst out laughing. She smiles at the fortysomething woman, standing by the wall.

Rating: 4/5

Bebe Rexha, as a cavewoman, grunts and claws at the other woman. Rexha points her finger at her and howls. The other woman clings to Rexha’s boyfriend. Rexha scratches at her boyfriend. The group of women shout and jump. A second caveman offers her some food and she sits by him. He touches her hair and she grins. She gets up and walks to the cave. With a stick, she carves markings on the wall. Her stomach lurches and she races to a tree.

As her stomach grows, she starts to form words. She says “tree” and “water.” The cavemen cock their heads, wondering what she is saying. The other woman calls out “no!” Rexha points to her belly and to her former boyfriend. The other woman pinches her belly. Rexha shakes her head. The second young man gets in between them and shields her.

While giving birth, she screams for the second young man to get away. The second young man and a third young woman help her with the baby. They coo over the baby. She gives the baby a name. The second young man says “pretty” and she smiles. Her little girl was going to discover and learn new things.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020

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