Video Review: Kelsea Ballerini “Hole In The Bottle”

In black-and-white, Kelsea Ballerini drinks wine at the counter in the bar. She pouts at the empty glass. A bottle of Beringer Bros Bourbon slides towards her. On the lawn, she stands on top of a bed and looks through with a telescope. Two friends sit next to her. She leans against a wall in her home. She sniffs the wine in her glass as she sits on the stool. The bartender (also Ballerini) clinks her glass and drinks.

As she raises her arms in bed, it switches to color. Wearing an tiered cobalt crop top and pants, she lies on a neon pink spiral platform. In a leopard print dress, she puts her hand on her neck as she continues to dance in the electric blue lit room. She waves the paintbrush in her hand as she dances in her house. Twirling the paintbrush, she works on a painting and drinks some wine. She and her friends dance on the lawn. The bartender and Ballerini play a game of chess in her kitchen.

Wearing a black cutout dress and boots, she walks on the grass. She sits on the staircase while two young women stand next to her. They dance by the staircase. She and her friends fall asleep on the bed on the lawn.

Rating: 2.5/5

Kelsea Ballerini spills wine on her painting and laughs. She stands with her on her lips and looks at it. It was noticeable and smudged some of the color. However, she could explain it as an abstract idea or something. She touches up the color on her dog’s fur and accidentally creates a bubble. It called for another gulp of wine. She finishes off the glass, takes a picture of the painting and posts it on her online shop. There hadn’t been sales months. But somebody might want it and she needed the money.

Ballerini puts on her leopard print dress. She had elbowed a 16-year-old young woman from the rack and took it. The 16-year-old girl had sneered and called her a dumb trainwreck. Ballerini, taking a sip from the flask from her purse, says she was going to be stylish, dumb trainwreck. She pays for it and giggles as she puts the key in the ignition. Maybe she had too much after all. She sits in the seat and dances. In her backseat, she chugs down water to sober herself up. She peels off and slams on the brakes. “Oops!” she says as a young man curses her out at the stop sign.

Her friends tell her they can’t do anymore shots. Ballerini says they are lightweights and orders another round. Her best friend puts her hand on her shoulder and shakes her head. She cancels the order and says the night is just getting started. One of her friends says she has to go home to her baby. A second friend says she’s going to call her husband to pick them up. Ballerini proclaims they can’t grow up and should be having more fun. Her best friend puts hand on her arm and tells her to stop. She leans back in the booth and says they are giving up. Her best friend says they can barely walk. Ballerini puts on her jacket and sighs, telling they need to get out more.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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