Video Review: The Tony Rich Project “Nobody Knows”

In black-and-white, water drips from the faucet. He washes his hands in the bathroom and stares into the mirror. In color, a young woman walks in the forest. He sits in the corner of a building. Back in black-and-white, he paces by the urinals.

Shirtless, he rides his bicycle in the street He holds onto his guitar as he stands by the grocery store. Against a patterned background, he dances in an emerald green mesh jacket and jeans. A second young woman walks on the beach. Wearing a black mesh shirt and jeans, he and a third young woman walk in the city. The second young woman stands against the patterned background. He sits in the bathtub. Wearing a hat and suit, he turns against a cobalt background.

He kisses the second young woman’s neck in the bathtub. The third young woman whispers in his ear as they lean against his car. Seagulls fly around him as he walks on the beach.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tony Rich takes off his mesh shirt inside the bathroom and throws it in the trash. It was impressing no one. He lies by the sink and holds in his tears. A young woman had asked him if he was okay and noted that he seemed to be ready to break. He had dashed into the restroom. People were able to see through him. However, he stares ahead and lets the feelings fade.

The loneliness lingers and he punches a hole in the restroom. His hand bloodied, he washes it in the sink and walks out. A second young woman working behind the bar asks him if he’s all right. She offers him some napkins and wraps his hand. He tells her it doesn’t matter and waves goodbye.

There had been at least three women since the breakup. Each had been a brief relationship. However, he continued to think of his ex-girlfriend. His family and friends believed he had moved on. His mom had really liked the second girlfriend. His friends were delighted with the third young woman. But he wanted to go from club to club to just feel something.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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