Video Review: Boomkat “The Wreckoning”

A young woman, slumped in the driver’s seat of a car, watches the claw of the excavator pick up some dirt. Kellin plays the keyboard by some parts. A second young woman, wearing goggles, lifts up the trunk. Taryn walks by the piled up cars in the junkyard.

She and Kellin sit inside a car while a loader picks it up. The two young women stand in the large pile of parts. She sits on a wrecking ball and holds onto it as flies over the parts. Several young women dance. Kellin feeds a porcupine. She stands on a rusted metal board and dances on a large pile. A magnet lifts her up and she lies on it as it sways across the junkyard. She falls off and lands back on rusted metal board. Looking over her shoulder, she climbs the go-kart on the pile. Kellin and several people drive in a circle in the mud. Kellin slides in the mud. Taryn hits the driver’s side of the cars with her hand.

Rating: 1/5

Taryn searches for the key in the office. She walks out with it and shows it to Kellin. Kellin hollers and takes it. She says she took some others. By the desk, a thirtysomething woman waves her finger at the clerk and complains that they ruined her car.

Kellin hits the keylock and finds the car. He gets in the car and peels off, spraying mud at a second twentysomething woman, building an art installation. She scrapes some mud off of it and bites her bottom lip. A third twentysomething woman pulls up in her painted car. Taryn gives her a high-five and says they need to wreck it. The third twentysomething woman takes the key and sits in the car, eyeing Taryn and Kellin.

Taryn smashes the doors with a hammer. Kellin scours for parts. Taryn peeks through the window of a car and says she wants to get the car at the auction. She cuts one of the wires and says it’s good now. Kellin gestures for her to hide. The clerk walks out of the office and gets into the excavator. She whispers, “I guess we’re going for a ride.” As he takes the car and prepares to squash it, several young women, Taryn and Kellin yell at him to stop.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2003

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