Video Review: The Weeknd “Too Late”

A young woman (Kenzie Harr) says, ” I feel really good about surgery this time. I think..I think it’s finally the one.” As she drives in Los Angeles, California, her sister (Ashley Smith) responds, “I already feel so beautiful.” The young woman says, “Hey mister, hi” while she passes a car. She notes that “he’s not looking. I don’t understand. Did we…I’ll just ask” Her sister turns volume up on the radio and they dance with their hands. The young woman slams on her brakes, saying, “Ohmigod! How rude!” Her sister, seeing The Weeknd’s head on the road, asks, “what the eff is that doing in the middle of the road? I guess we should go check it out.”

With bandaged heads and noses, they walk up to the head. Her sister comments, “is that who I think it is?” The young woman says, “Ohmigod! He’s so hot!” Her friend picks up his head and they swoon. Her sister comments, “it’s perfect.” She strokes his face as the young woman drives back to their house. Her sisters dances on the patio with his head by hers. She tosses it in the pool. In the pool, they kiss the head.

Lit in midnight blue, The Weeknd sings by the window on television. They sit with the head between them and stare at the painting of the two of them. They circle ads for strippers in the classifieds and make calls in the family room. The young woman zips her sister’s plastic dress. They greet The Weeknd stripper (Ken XY) at the door. Her friend breathes heavily as she watches him perform. The young woman walks with a knife behind her back. She dances with him and slashes his throat. He falls to the floor. They play with the blood on the floor and picture The Weeknd as they dry hump the corpse. The young woman holds up the knife and laughs as the gate of the mansion closes. A third young woman jogs with her dog on the sidewalk.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman winks at a young man at the gym. She wipes her towel over her breasts and licks her lips. The young man walks over to her and presses her muscles. He leans into her neck and kisses her. The young woman reaches for the knife in her pocket. A second young man bumps into them and she puts her hand on her hip. She turns to him and whispers he has to meet her sister.

She drives home to the mansion. They kiss and she calls for her sister. Her sister finds a knife in the kitchen and puts through the young man’s stomach as she holds him. He cries out in pain. The young woman tells him, “it’ll be all right, baby.” As they scrub the floor, the young woman asks about their clothes. Her sister shrugs and says they can just toss them. No one has noticed the last two guys.

Her sister drives to the beach and sunbathes on the towel. A second young man approaches her and asks her if she’d like a drink. She stands up and puts her hands around his neck. Around her, people call for help and try to push her off. She drops him on the sand and glares at the people on their cell phones. It was what had to be done.

Director: Cliqua Year: 2020


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