Video Review: Bryson Tiller “Always Forever”

Bryson Tiller and a young woman (Kehlani) face one another as they stand against a black background. As a light flashes, a surgical camera enters his ear and films his mouth. Multiple cells break apart and become space. A rectangle forms outside the planet with measurements on the both sides. It zeroes in as Tiller and the young woman lie on the grass in their backyard. The camera moves within Tiller’s eye.

The young woman places her fingers on his hand while they sit at the diner. The coffee swirls in her cup, which turns into the bedsheets. They lie in bed together. Back at the diner, she smokes a cigarette. In their bedroom, a scarlet red light flashes as she kisses him. He opens his eyes. They walk on the sidewalk in silhouette. A single light shines on the young woman as she sits on the floor and stares at the objects in the room.

The ceiling fan turns. He looks up at the sky as she strokes his chin. They dance against a white background. She flops on the bed as he washes his hands in the sink. They lie against swirling colors which become an eyeball. He stands by himself against the white background. She plays a song on the jukebox in the diner and leaves. The camera moves past the compact discs and some hazy red light before returning to Tiller’s eye.

Lights shoot through the electrodes attached to Tiller’s head as he sleeps on a chair.

Rating: 5/5

Bryson Tiller sits up in the chair. The doctor advises him he may feel disoriented but it’ll last a few hours. He nods and grabs his keys. As he drives home, he passes the diner. His brain becomes foggy as he walks inside. The server says his favorite table is available. He struggles to think of the table and stares at her. The server cringes and says it’s her fault and apologizes. She says she’ll just follow him.

He sits near the jukebox and taps his foot as he looks at the menu. A server walks by him with a pork chop meal and he recoils. He orders the stuffed pepper dinner and taps his foot to the song on the jukebox. A romantic song plays and he has no opinion of it. The indifference was startling considering it he streamed the album every couple months.

A vague silhouette forms in his mind and sits across from him. It seems as though he should know the person missing. He couldn’t even think of a name. The server asks him if he’s okay. He says he had some outpatient surgery earlier in the day. She pours him another cup of coffee and tells him to feel better. He rubs his hand over his wash and wishes he could place the silhouette. It was a loving presence and he would like to contact the person.

Director: Kid.Studio Year: 2020

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