Video Review: Natasha Bedingfield “Unwritten (UK Version)”

A young man walks in the aisle of a bookstore. A young woman turns a page as she sits on the chair near some shelves. On the bottom of a shelf, Natasha Bedingfield stands in a photo. on the cover. A red ribbon forms a heart in the center of the cover. Wearing a green slip dress, she sings by a painting of lake.

The ribbon unwraps itself and forms limbs. It stands up and looks at the height of the bookcase. The book climbs the shelf and reaches a stack somewhere by the top. With its arms, it hangs from an empty shelf and climbs to the bottom. Bedingfield pushes away the scarf around her neck as the book stands by the window. The book continues to climb. In the photograph, Bedingfield holds up the umbrella during a thunderstorm. She tosses it as it rains and takes off her scarf.

The book climbs a mountain. It wraps the ribbon around itself. Bedingfield rubs her arms as the book waddles into the cave. It tears out pages to burn in a fire. She puts on a coat and hat as the book ventures out in the snow. The book reaches the top of the mountain and sees a dove. The book slips and pages rip out of it. A second young woman reads the page after it lands in her book. She looks up and smiles as pages fly in the sky.

Rating: 5/5

The second young woman runs her hand along the books in her shelf. Perhaps she didn’t have the correct edition? She checks the online book database and double-checks the serial number. As she searches for more information, she realizes the page was from a young adult novel from 1985.

In the young adult section of her collection, she taps her finger on one of the author’s books. She had a reissued edition from the early 90s. The young woman picks it up from the shelf and looks through the pages. The series had been focusing on social issues during the era. However, it dove into ridiculousness towards the end of the decade. She had moved on to the classics and no longer collected them. However, over the years, she had wanted to return the characters. They were like visiting old friends after dealing a hard day.

The young woman walks to the used bookstore and buys the original editions. The clerk remarks that she was fortunate to get them. The second young woman comments she loved them growing up. The clerk holds up an obscure young adult book and says she got it from a book fair long time ago. The second young woman says she was missing it. The clerk said each book tore her apart and says the book is responsible for her getting cancer screenings every year. The second young man says she knew she when she had diabetes. The clerk grins as the second young woman pays her. The second young woman takes one of the books out of the bag and puts it in the passenger side. She was going to read it again once she got home.

Director: Michael Gracey Year: 2004

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