Video Review: Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco “Lonely”

A 14-year-old young man (Jacob Tremblay) stares at his hands in his lap while he sits in the dressing room by himself. He turns his head as his manager (Benny Blanco) lets him know the time. As he gets up, he gets his hockey stick and slides the puck across the floor.

He walks up the steps and leans against the wall, his head down. After about 10 seconds, he continues to walk. Tilting his head and stretching his leg, he takes a deep breath. He walks onto the stage and stares at the empty seats in the theater. Justin Bieber watches in the back row.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young man nods as his manager informs him he’s going to be in the studio all of next week. His publicist sighs and continues to go over the questions the reporter is allowed to ask. She assures him she’ll be in the corner, listening and helping him with the answers. His assistant hands him some candy. The young man shakes the hairstylist’s hand away. The assistant says he just needs a couple minutes. She asks him if he wants anything. He tells her he wants to be by himself.

He calls his cell phone. His mom wasn’t there. His dad urges him to get back to work. He was a meal ticket for them. Sometimes he wished they accompanied him to events. However, they told him he could handle it himself. He leans against the wall and thinks of being back home. His group of friends from school were likely playing hockey in the street and talking about the girls they liked. His assistant taps his shoulder and says his break is over.

A camera man follows him to the stage. A documentary was going to be made about his rise to fame. He puts his earplugs in his ear and talks to his band. He avoids looking into the camera as he walks the stairs. A young woman, one of his dancers, grins and tells him “good luck.” He smiles. The young woman kisses him on the cheek and he almost trips. She puts her hand on his back and gets him back on the stairs. Everyone wanted something from him.

Director: Jake Schreier Year: 2020

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