Video Review: Klymaxx “Man-Size Love”

In a clip from the 1986 film, Running Scared, Danny (Billy Crystal) and Ray (Gregory Hines) talk in the police car as they patrol. Lorena pulls into the drive-in theatre. Bernadette sits in the backseat. Bernadette eats popcorn and glances at her date, a tall twentysomething man. Cheryl smiles as she finds a parking spot. Robbin, Lynn and Joyce dance in their seats as they watch the movie.

Ray exhales as he throws the basketball on the court. Danny gives him a high-five and they dance. Maryann answers the door and sees Ray. Ray and Maryann sleep together. Back at the drive-in. Cheryl side-eyes her date as he takes out a radio. In a clip, Ray and Danny run on the sidewalk and shoot a suspect driving off. Ray walks into a bedroom and points his gun. A young woman covers her naked chest with the sheet. Danny talks to Ray in his bedroom. Maryann lifts her head up.

Lorena stands up on her seat as she watches the movie. In a clip, Danny and Ray check out young woman as they hang out at the beach. Danny shows Maryann a pair of handcuffs while they stopped at a light. Maryann stands on the corner, her hands in her pockets. A taxi chases Danny and Ray in the police car. Back at the drive-in, Cheryl taps her date’s head. In a clip, Julio (Jimmy Smits) swerves the taxi off the train tracks.

Lorena, Cheryl, Bernadette, Robbin, Lynn and Joyce sing at the bar. Danny smiles at them while he pours a drink. Ray checks them out. Lorena smiles at Ray. Back in the drive-in, they continue to watch the movie.

Rating: 3/5

Lorena bumps into Ray while walking in Chicago. Ray asks if they know each other. Lorena says they met at the bar he owned. She asks him why he’s back in the Chicago. Ray tells her he decided to go back to work. She says she’s on vacation and is on her way to see a show. He shakes her hand and says it was nice to see her again.

Cheryl pours her a drink and says she should try to track him down. Lorena shrugs and says apparently he’s back with his ex-girlfriend. Bernadette says it doesn’t matter. She should go out with him again. Lorena says they’ll be going back to Florida. Robbin sits next her and says Ray wants to quit working. It may be temporary, like it was before. If Maryann meant anything to him, he wouldn’t left the state without her.

Lorena drinks her wine at the bar. Ray waves at her as he walks in and sits by her. He says they are making it a habit. Lorena says she may have heard the police hang out at this particular bar. Ray grins and says she’s resourceful. He jokes she could be on the force. Lorena laughs and says she’s been thinking about him lately. Ray orders a drink and says he’s been planning another vacation to Florida. She says she’ll be in the same place. Ray tells her he’ll keep it in mind.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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