Video Review: Madonna “Rain”

Madonna reads a script while she sits on a chair in studio. She touches her headphones as the crew sets up. Madonna puts her hand on the microphone as she sings into it. Hunched over in a chair, she puts her hand on her chin while the director talks to people.

The director talks to her as she stands against a royal blue background. She kisses a twentysomething man. A makeup artist brushes her face. The director films while water falls against two walls. She stares at the floor while reaching for the two walls. She does another take in front of the microphone. The director supervises the artists designing the set on the computer. She smokes as she sits in the chair by the video camera.

She stands against a royal blue with lights. The lights shine as she raises her arms. The photographer takes a picture. The designers turn around to watch her. The director watches in awe. Wearing a white dress, she stands on a platform while lightning strikes against the cloudy background. She closes her eyes as water pours on her face. She kisses the twentysomething man against a water streaked glass. A crew member turns on the sprinkler. The dailies play back on the screen.

Rating: 5/5

Madonna crosses her legs as she sits in the chair and drops the ashes of her cigarette in the tray. The director, in Japanese, gestures for her to come to him. She brushes herself off and walks to him. A crew member bumps into her as he talks to another person. A decade ago, the crew member would’ve cowered and begged to keep his job. However, a myriad of misguided career decisions had led her to scrape by.

The money from the commercial had been spent. It paid off her house, which was in the process of selling and restitution from a few lawsuits. Her name had only gone so far. Cases had to be fought and not simply settled. People weren’t going to take her word for it anymore and be intimidated by her. Those days were over.

Japan adored her. People approached her on the street and for a few minutes, she was an unstoppable star again. She signs the autographs and poses for pictures for a few hours. Excusing herself, she walks to a building and takes off her shoes. Rubbing her feet, she sees a poster of her former assistant hanging on the wall. Her assistant might be in town. As she peers closer at the poster, it was for a concert in another month. She tears it off the wall and puts on her shoes.

Director: Mark Romanek Year: 1993

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