Video Review: Ne-Yo & Jeremih “U 2 Luv”

Ne-Yo holds hands with his wife, Crystal as they walk into the roller rink. She pays the clerk. Ne-Yo dances underneath a multi-colored disco ball. A young woman’s (Jess Hilarious) eyes widen as she counts the money. She tapes a closed sign on her window.

The young woman holds up two pairs of skates as she tells him, “welcome to my place of business.” They nod as she says, “I own this.” She comments, “they some big ass skates, Ne-Yo.” Ne-Yo explains, “well, you know I mean, I got big feet. ‘Cause it is what it is.” The young woman responds, “that’s crazy. I hope you don’t crash into the wall. Have fun.” He and his wife continue to hold hands as they skate.

Jeremih holds a second young woman’s hand as they stand on the balcony. They dance. Wearing a crocheted neon yellow bikini, she rests a hand on the glass screen. She touches Jeremih’s chest as they stand on the balcony. They kiss on the couch. Ne-Yo grins as he watches his wife walk down the stairs. She cuddles with him on the couch. Bottles of Champagne Carbon sit on the table. The second young woman lies on the counter and shakes her butt. They continue to skate.

Rating: 3/5

Crystal throws up her hands and says she doesn’t want to talk anymore. She’s over it. Ne-Yo says they should cool off for a little awhile. He checks on their son and tells him he’s trying to make it work for them. They are always going to be a family. He says it’s just hard times right now.

Ne-Yo feeds their kids and makes himself a sandwich. His son tells him it’s not how Mommy makes it. He tells him that Mommy needs a rest and to finish his dinner. His daughter leaves her seat and says she’s going to miss her show. Ne-Yo catches her and picks her up. She wails, yelling for him to put her down. He says they haven’t finished eating dinner yet. His wife comes down the stairs and tells them they have to listen to Daddy.

Crystal points at the roller rink and says she hasn’t been there since she was a kid. Ne-Yo says they are not open. However, they might be able to fix it. The owner accepts their money and says she’ll be happy to give them a private evening alone. As they skate, she says it reminds her of their first date. He holds onto her waist and hugs her. She kisses him and says she’s getting tired. He says he has some champagne on ice at home. She closes her eyes and says going home with him would be nice. He takes her hand as the clerk calls out “take care, lovebirds!”

Director: Chad Tennies & Chad Seales Year: 2020

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