Video Review: Harry Styles “Golden”

Wearing a Steven Stokley-Daley shirt and khaki Bode shorts, Harry Styles runs in a tunnel in Amalfi Coast, Italy and on a trail. Wearing a custom Gucci suit and glove, he stands by the bridge. He passes by the Casa Vacanze as he drives, running his gloved hand through his hair.

He dances by the bridge. Sitting by the tide pools, he puts his hands in the water and swims in the Fragalioni Sea. As he runs, he salutes a seventysomething man walking along the trail. He rests his arm on the hood of a car. A person claps as they sit on the driver’s side. He stops running.

Rating: 3.5/5

Harry Styles gazes out the window of the villa while he drinks wine. He walks to the patio and watches the ocean. The ocean was unrelenting, aggressive as the waves splashed the people on the beach. Looking up at the sky, he sees the coal gray sky.

Buttoning his shirt, he runs and runs until he reaches the end of the trail. Hands on knees, he coughs as he exhales. A raindrop slides on his cheek. It was going to rain soon. His head down, he scratches his forehead. He wanted to get out. Out of the city. Out of the country. However, he knew it wasn’t where he wanted to be.

He scans the contacts on his phone and presses his ex-girlfriend’s name. On the keypad, he attaches a picture. Italy had been their home away from home. They visited for every birthday and anniversary. She had picked out a piece of property. He deletes the text. His legs aching, he walks back to the villa.

Director: Ben Turner & Gabe Turner Year: 2020

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