Video Review: Jennifer Lopez “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

Jennifer Lopez answers the phone as she walks on the patio of a Miami, Florida mansion. She says to her boyfriend, “you’re not going to be able to make it? Again.” Bracelet in hand, she replies, “Yeah. I got it. It’s beautiful. I just wish that you could’ve been here instead of a bracelet, okay? The last thing I need is another bracelet.” She puts the phone on the table.

She puts on her coat and tosses her purse in the car. With her sunglasses on, she drives on the expressway. As she drives, she throws her purse over her shoulder. On the beach, she hugs herself as she dances by two palm trees. She parks her car and drops her sunglasses on the grass. Taking off her coat, she looks over her shoulder as it lands on the pavement. She rips off her necklace and heaves it to the ocean.

Back on the beach, she lies on the sand. As she walks in the parking lot, she finds a postcard in the pocket of her jeans. It features a picture of her with her dancers. Within the postcard, she and the dancers perform a routine on the beach. While she walks, she tears up the postcard. She walks in the ocean and splashes the water on her face. Turning around, she takes off her tank top and flings it on the sand.

Rating: 3/5

Jennifer Lopez picks up some sandals from the discount store on the way home from work. She dumps the old ones in trash and puts the new ones on as she sits in the driver’s seat. A couple months ago, her then-boyfriend would’ve been covering his face and urging her to think about the image she wants to project of herself.

She had cared, though, what other people thought at that point.  While she was dating him, she finally got a good job which allowed her to spend as much as she wanted. Being with him required a certain cachet. She had fallen for him after seeing him on television. He had everything and supported his girlfriend at the time. She wanted someone to take care of her like he did.

The first date to Paris had stunned her. They avoided the crowds and viewed the city from a private plane. At the motel, he had gifted her a wardrobe for the week and introduced her to multiple designers. However, the international dates became less. He had given her a security pass to his mansion. But most of the time, she was alone. His assistants gave her presents as an apology. She had brushed off rumors about him cheating and solidified they were fine to the press. However, she was learning he only cared about money and appearances. The expensive clothes and jewelry became just things to her. She was a status symbol to him. After he returned from work, she handed him the keys to the car and told him she was leaving. He promised her they’d get married. She told him it wasn’t enough anymore and got into her sister’s car.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 2000

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