Video Review: Punctual “I Don’t Wanna Know”

Lit in pale gold, a thirtysomething man and woman hold hands as they walk into a bar. They talk to a table. A twentysomething woman rests her head on a twentysomething man’s shoulder as they watch a movie. A fiftysomething woman calls for the fiftysomething man as she stands at the bottom of the stairs.

The fiftysomething woman walks up the stairs. The twentysomething man picks up his phone and looks at it. The thirtysomething man leans against the counter and watches the woman dances with a fortysomething man. The fiftysomething picks up a collar on the stairs and calls for fiftysomething man again. The fiftysomething man stands in front of a dresser and assures her nothing’s going on. She opens the dresser and sees a shirtless fiftysomething inside.

The twentysomething man takes off his shirt and walks to the bathroom. The twentysomething views the pictures of other women on his phone. The fortysomething man touches the thirtysomething woman’s back. The thirtysomething man glares while he watches from the counter. The fortysomething man winks at the thirtysomething man. The thirtysomething man breaks the bottles in his hands. The other two couples argue and then perform a dance routine. People at the bar film it on their phones. On a triple screen, a 17-year-old man (left), someone dressed as a squirrel (center) and a 17-year-old woman (right) join in the routine.

The thirtysomething man and woman walk into the bar again.

Rating: 3.5/5

The fiftysomething woman puts the collar in the drawer. She and her husband hadn’t been intimate in almost a year. Perhaps he wanted to try to be with her again. However, she wasn’t going to push it. Sex hadn’t been a important drive in their relationship. Neither had been into it and decided to be chaste in their affection for each other. However, it was unusual for him to home early. She starts to walk up the stairs and changes her mind. They trusted one another. It wasn’t her place to spy on him.

The twentysomething man laughs as he types on his phone. The twentysomething woman gives him a small smile. He was probably chatting with one of his friends. Some of his women friends sent him racy jokes and she was cool with it. It was just memes. At least once or twice a week, he hung out with one of them. She was certain he was helping her around the house. His friend had recently moved into a new home. She had figured out his password last week after watching him. As he showers, she listens as his phone vibrates multiple times. He had mentioned something about choosing paint. It was likely samples the woman was sending.

The thirtysomething woman drinks her beer and tells her husband it wasn’t anything. She said she was afraid of starting something. The thirtysomething man says that the other guy was touching her. She says it meant nothing. The fortysomething man waves at him. The thirtysomething man disliked him. He wanted to break them up. But his girlfriend was being friendly. He was going to keep an eye on the other guy. The fortysomething man was trouble and needed to know his place. The thirtysomething man puts his drink down on the table. His girlfriend pulls at his arm and asks him what he’s going to do. He tells her he’s just going to talk to the guy. His girlfriend tells him no. He walks back to the table and drinks his beer. His girlfriend loved only him. He had to believe it.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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