Video Review: Kat DeLuna & Elephant Man “Whine Up”

Kat Deluna smiles as she stands on the rooftop with her friends. One of her friends says, “hey Kat. I heard you can do the opera thing.” She shrugs and says, “yeah, I could.” Her second friend taps on the table and asks her to sing. She sings for them. They turn their heads around as a young man turns on his boombox on the next building. Her friend puts on their boombox and dance.

Elephant Man turns on his boombox and DeLuna turns around. He stands by the boombox while young women lounge on the rooftop next to them. She leans against the brick column and glances at the young men dancing across from her.

Wearing a royal blue micromini dress, she dances by a shimmering aqua lit wall. Back on the rooftop, a young man checks her out as she dances on top of a table. As she walks in the neighborhood, a group of young men stare at her. With neon green smoke billowing behind her, she walks down an alley at night. She and dozens of people dance in the street. Elephant Man dances on the balcony of his apartment. Leaning against the brick wall, she talks with one of her friends and points to the young man. She and Elephant Man dance against a red painted brick wall. She and some dancers perform a routine by the red-painted brick wall. She continues to dance in the street with her friends.

Rating: 2.5/5

Kat DeLuna sits on the young man’s bed. She sighs and says that her Econ class is so tough. Her boyfriend leans over and kisses her. She grins and says it’s helping her feel better. After two hours. she lies next to him and exclaims she missed class. Hand on her forehead, she says they had a quiz she needed to pass. He puts his arm around and says she can contact the professor. She says she’ll try it.

The professor wouldn’t let her make it up. She sits on a table in the cafeteria and stares at the group of friends talking. The second young man was kind of cute. However, he probably had a girlfriend. She flips open her textbook and wonders how she’ll get through the semester. One of the young man from the group walks over to her. He asks her about her Econ class. She says she recognizes him and introduces himself. He asks her if she wants to join their study group.

She jots down notes during the study group. To her surprise, she answered the questions correctly. She tells the second young man he’s a good teacher. He explains he’s been following the economy since his freshman year of high school. She says it’s the first time she’s ever taken a econ class. He explains the basics to her. While they pack up their things, he asks her if she’d like to dinner with him. She nods and tells him she just has to make a phone call. On her cell phone, she tells her boyfriend she won’t be over and she’ll talk to him tomorrow. She walks back to the second young man and says she’d like to get anything other than pizza.

Director: N/A Year: 2007

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