Video Review: Russell Dickerson “Love You Like I Used To”

Russell Dickerson parks his car on the shoulder of the road. He takes off his sunglasses and glances at the field across the street. A thirtysomething man packs his suitcase in the bedroom while a thirtysomething woman sleeps in bed. He writes a note on the kitchen table and leaves it on the nightstand in the bedroom. Shutting off the light he closes the door. Dickerson leans against the car.

The thirtysomething woman reads the note and wipes a tear from her eye. A clerk slides a twentysomething woman’s credit card. The twentysomething woman checks out thirtysomething man. The thirtysomething man thinks “huh?” Lying on the hotel bed, he talks with his kids as they eat breakfast. His oldest son cries while the thirtysomething woman pours milk in the bowl.

The thirtysomething man talks in a meeting and shakes a second thirtysomething woman’s hand. They clink their glasses. The twentysomething woman stares at him while he talks with his colleagues at the bar. The thirtysomething woman smiles as she glances at a framed of her with the man. He looks at the photo of them on the lockscreen of his phone. The twentysomething woman slides her phone number to him. Dickerson plays the guitar in front of the car.

He opens the door of his home and kisses the thirtysomething woman. His oldest runs to him. His kids and the thirtysomething woman hug him. He and his sons brush their teeth in the bathroom. Dickerson continues to play guitar during the evening. The thirtysomething man tickles the thirtysomething woman as she sits on the bed. He kisses her. She grins as he cuddles by her. He turns off the lamp.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething man had to admit the twentysomething woman was attractive. She was a junior associate at his client’s firm. He had spoken her to clarify some information about an account. In an email, they he mentioned he missed his kids and sent her a picture. She commented that they were cute kids. Her attention was pleasant and after a fight with his wife earlier over the phone, it was welcome.

They had met up at conferences and had drinks a few times. He had glanced at his ring and had to remember he was married. She tempted him. However, he turned down her invitation to her hotel room. Whenever he ran into her, he kept the conversation short. He and his wife were in a much better place than they were two years ago.

He throws the twentysomething woman’s phone number in the garbage can as he packs. If it had been about 3 years ago, he would’ve said yes and lived with the guilt. However, he and his wife had reconnected after the birth of their third child.  He loved more than the day he married her. Leaving his family wasn’t an option. It was where he wanted to stay.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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