Video Review: Ava Max “OMG What’s Happening”

Ava Max, wearing black bikini top with a flame design, she speeds by Dangerous Curves sign on the road. In a flash of neon green, her friends sit in the Jeep. It pauses for an aqua filtered photo. Back in color, a young man grins at her as he drives by. Her friends turn and smile at him. She sneers at him while he drives in his convertible.

Fire burn by Max as she stands a glittery flame. They race. Lit in neon green, she stands in the backseat of the Jeep. They switch lanes, cutting each other off. She drives through a small heart made of fire. Sliding her hand on the telephone booth, she talks on the phone. She parks at a gas pump and follows her friends inside the store.

She adjusts the bottom of her bikini as she stands in the backseat of the Jeep. Plum smoke billows in the distance while she dances in the phone booth. He parks at the next bump. She bites on her glove as she stares at him. He nods at her. They drive off. She makes out with him as he turns the steering wheel.

Rating: 3/5

Ava Max sits in the front seat as he drives. She calls him a slow driver and tells him to go faster. He slams on the pedal. She shouts “woooo!” as they go about 150 miles per hour. He swerves to avoid an 18-wheeler truck. She exclaims that it was so cool. A police car turns on its siren and drives behind. She tugs at him, telling him, “go go go.” He takes off.

She glances over her shoulder and sees the police car catching up. Unlocking the car door, she leaps out. He yells, asking her what’s she doing. She rolls over a couple times on the sand and groans. Her head was throbbing. She reaches for her phone and texts a letter to one of her friends. She steadies herself as she stands up. Shielding her eyes, she sees a purse on the ground. She opens it, grabs the keys and the money. Turning her head, she searches for the car. As she puts the keys in the in the ignition and drives off. A young woman calls out for her to stop.

She parks the car at a parking lot of the mall. Leaning on the counter, she touches the clerk’s chin and asks him if she could use his phone. He says he can’t. She takes it out of his hand and talks to her friend. Her friend asks her where she is. She sighs, saying she’s at some rundown mall in the middle of nowhere. Her friend wants to know if she’s checked her phone. She says the battery’s dead. Her friend says the guy she was with was in the hospital. He hit a pole and currently in critical condition. She shrugs and says it was a choice. Tucking the clerk’s phone in her bra, she takes some clothes off the rack and walks out.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020

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