Video Review: Lenny Kravitz “Again”

A note reads on the screen: Thursday. Lenny Kravitz sits in bed, eating cereal and watching cartoons on television. Carrying his guitar case, he talks with a young woman (Gina Gershon) as they walk to her apartment. Hands over head, she looks out the window. She sits on the couch and stares at Kravitz, as he leans on the counter. He looks out the window. She reaches behind him and hugs him. He pulls away.

Kravitz walks on the sidewalk. A second young woman (Teresa Lourenco) ties her ponytail as she walks. Kravitz whispers in her ear against a black background. The second young woman cleans up dishes from the tables at the diner. Back at the young woman’s apartment, he sits on the bed. The young woman rubs his arms and he gets up. Kravitz sits at the counter and stares at the second young woman. She gives him a beer. At his apartment, he takes off his his shirt and pants in the bathroom. He brushes his teeth and takes a shower.

A note on the screen reads: Friday. He performs on stage. Back at the diner, he talks with the second young woman. A young man films at the club as he performs. The young woman dances. People photograph him as he walks through the crowd. The young woman sits with him in the booth. A third young woman lies passed out by the door.

A note on the screen reads: Saturday. He sits on the windowsill of his apartment. In bed, he and the second young woman sleep together. He paces around the family room and walks out the door. In the street, he hails a cab. The cab drops him off at the diner. He walks inside and looks for the second young woman. A busboy talks to him and Kravitz glances into the kitchen. The second young woman walks on the sidewalk. He talks to one of the servers who shakes her head. He leaves as she enters through the employee entrance. She bends down and slides under the counter. She places coffee cups by a few customers. Kravitz sits on a stool in his apartment and looks out the window.

Rating: 5/5

Lenny Kravitz passes by the diner and looks through the window. The last few times he went inside, the second young woman wasn’t there. It crushed his heart each time. She likely quit. Although it disappointed him, he knew she was at least okay. She had been going on interviews for an office job. However, he had to find another route. It reminded him he wouldn’t ever be truly in love.

The second young woman places a picture frame on her desk. Her boyfriend was a really sweet guy. He worked in the office next to her. They had talked in the elevator in the morning. She had to dash to her desk after forgetting the time. Her co-worker hangs up a poster in her cubicle and exclaims the guy is so hot. She turns around and says she knows him. Her co-worker swivels in her chair and says, “what?” and adds she has to meet him. The second young woman explains he used to come into the diner where she used to work. She says he’s a great guy. Her co-worker invites her to go to show with her. She says she doesn’t know. Her boyfriend might have made plans for them. Her co-worker says he can come along if he wants. It’ll be a fun night.

Kravitz scans the crowd for the second young woman. Although he knows he should give up, he can’t. He sees her everywhere he goes. It can’t be the end of what they had. The young woman had accused him of being in love with someone else and said he was making a mistake. She had broken up with him. But every so often, she still came to the shows. The second young woman laughs as she drinks with her co-worker. Her co-worker grabs her arm and says they have to get the front. She shakes her head, saying he’s not going to care. Her co-worker dodges peoples’ arms and moves to the front. Kravitz locks eyes with her and drops his guitar. She stares up at him, smiling. He tells the crowd there was going to be an intermission and jumps down from the stage. Taking her hand, he tells her “hi.” She responds with “hello.”

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 2000

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