Video Review: Ariana Grande “Positions”

Ariana Grande has a meeting with her cabinet members in the White House. An official portrait of her dog hangs in the conference room. She signs executive orders in the Oval Office. In the conference room, she stands up as they debate over foreign policy.

She flips some dough in the air and kneads it in the kitchen. Her elbows on the dough, she glances around as she waits. She blows flour off her palm and checks the oven. Photographers take her photo as she sits in the Oval Office with senators. She walks down the hallway with her staff. Violet fireworks go off on the lawn of the Oval Office as she watches from the window. She sits up in bed at night.

She sits  on a bench in the hallway. A golden chandelier hangs near her as she crosses her legs. Kicking up her legs on her desk, she laughs as she talks with the senators. She stands at the podium in the briefing room and answers questions from reporters. Holding her purse, she stands in her family room as a fire burns in the fireplace. She drinks some wine as she cooks. People clap as she puts a medal around a young woman’s neck. She sprinkles flour on the floor. While she walks in the snow with her dogs, she salutes two soldiers.

Rating: 5/5

Ariana Grande reads over her speech. The American people had to know she cared about them and she was going to do something to help. They needed their relief to pay their bills. Years with a non-governing majority leader in Congress  had made people vocal. The fringe section of the minority party in Congress had scolded her for being wasteful and racking up the debt.

The economy was still in trouble from Covid-19. She had been able to get the virus under control. However, millions of people lost their jobs. Major retailers were shuttered. Senators clap for her as she outlines health care legislation. She says people will be receiving a $1,000 payments in the mail every month until the economy recovers. She proposes government grants will allow those wanting to start new businesses. Americans have been held back by previous legislation which benefited big businesses and donors. With the grants, a college student can work on their start-up while paying off student loans.

A Republican-leaning analyst says she was over-promising and setting up Americans for disappointment. He tells his audience she was letting her heart rule her legislation and not her intellect. The First Man shuts off the television and massages her shoulders. She sinks into his arms and lies on the bed. He holds onto her waist as he kisses her. He asks her what she wants. She replies, “let me know” and helps him take off his shirt.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2020

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