Video Review: Marc Anthony “I Need You”

A young woman (Ivana Miličević) walks up a winding staircase in a parking garage. She puts her duffel bag in her car and drives off. Marc Anthony stands by his car in the parking garage and gets inside. They speed along the road. She smiles at him and pulls ahead.

They park their cars at the racetrack. People sit in the stands and talk during the race. He opens her car door for her and gets her keys. As they walk, he puts his hand on the small on her back. He kisses her in the locker room. She takes off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt as they stand by her locker. He lifts up her shirt and writes “te amo.” She on her stomach. She writes “te amo” on his his chest. Topless, she holds onto him in the shower as he continues to kiss her.

In the locker room, she takes her top back from him. She gives him her helmet. They walk together out of the locker room. She drinks water as she stands by her car. A mechanic inspects it. She slides into the car and puts on her helmet. People cheer as the race starts. She takes a quick lead. He stays in the pit.

Rating: 3/5

Marc Anthony walks with the young woman into the locker room and says she took the turn a bit too wide. He kisses her and says she still had a clean race. They sleep together in the locker room before her race. He holds onto her as they walk out and tells her to remember the things he told her.

He couldn’t watch. In his earpiece, he listens to the pit crew members and to her. She says one of her opponents almost hit her and she thinks something is going on with her car. He tells her to make a stop as soon as possible. His heart jumped in his throat. She knew cars inside and out. However, there was always that one time. He gestures for the mechanics to check out the car as she parks. The mechanics adjust and say she’s good to go. She sighs and takes off again.

Her name is said over the loudspeaker. She “woo’s” inside the car during the final lap. He tells her to hang onto her lead. The fans roared in the crowd as she finishes first. As she holds up her trophy, she talks with the analyst. She says it was a nerve-wracking race. However, her coach got her through it. She gestures for him to come up. While he stands next to her, he resists putting his hand on her back. No one was supposed to know.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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