Video Review: Karyn White “The Way I Feel About You”

In black-and-white, a young man whispers into Karyn White’s ear while they work at the hotel. She brushes him with her duster.  A twentysomething woman puts earrings her in ears and kisses the dog. She and a thirtysomething man walk together out of their room with the dog. White, wearing a maid’s uniform, dances in the hallway.

White walks into their room and tries on thirtysomething woman’s gloves. She grabs a boa while a cat walks into the room. The young man stands at the desk and watches the couple get on the elevator via the security camera. He grins as they make out. A second young man comes up to the desk and watches. He fans himself as the couple walk out. White sits in the bathtub and blows bubbles. She spritzes perfume while sitting at the vanity and kisses the mirror. Wearing a minidress, she dances in the room. She talks to both young men working at the desk.

The young man pops open a bottle of champagne as he brings a cart to the room. She jumps on the bed and takes a picture of him. He puts on a robe and dances with her. They drink champagne. The second young man calls the room as they lie on the bed. The young man answers the phone and curses. The couple gets in the elevator while they change back into their uniforms. The clerk laughs as they pass by him.

Rating: 5/5

Karyn White smooths out the dress with gloves as she hangs it in the closet. It was stylish and must’ve cost at least a few months rent. The twentysomething woman who owned it had been a socialite She frequented the hotel often before she married her banker husband. Her husband, though, was a belligerent drunk. The staff was notified they would be fired if they called the twentysomething woman and to call his sponsor.

The thirtysomething man had flirted with a young woman in management. The young woman went on maternity leave soon after and never come back. White thinks she was holed up in a modest apartment in a decent area. However, she had heard she was quietly receiving child support from him.

The young man pours her a glass of champagne. She says she’s going to be late for her flight to Greece. But she’ll just buy another ticket. He says their society friends would have to be called. She handwaves it and says she’ll have the maid do it. She changes into her uniform and checks the hallway. The couple hadn’t returned yet. She dances in the hallway as she cleans. It was an hour of the good life. But someday it might actually be a day and than her life. She and the young man were going to take on the world and surprise everyone.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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