Video Review: Sam Smith “Kids Again”

Eyes closed, Sam Smith stands underneath the Brighton Palace Pier in the United Kingdom at night. In silhouette, they stand on the pier as the sun sets. In black-and-white, the waves roll over to them as they raise shield their eyes.

They ride the canary yellow hoarse on the carousel in the afternoon. Back in black-and-white, a twentysomething man holds a giant teddy bear as he sits on a bench. Two twentysomething women sit next to each other, frowning. A second twentysomething woman leans against a pole as she stands underneath the pier. Back in color, a third twentysomething woman carries balloons as she walks in the park.

Back in black-and-white, two twentysomething man gaze into each other’s eyes as they stand underneath the pier. Back in color, the fourth twentysomething woman takes a bite of the cotton candy. In black-and-white, the two twentysomething men kiss. The twentysomethings ride the Dodgem cars. Back in color, the balloons, tied to the pier, blow in the wind.

In black-and-white, an 18-year-old young man lies on the sand and wipes his eye. Back in color, the twentysomethings and Smith ride the carousel with their eyes closed.

Rating: 3/5

Sam Smith sits on a bench at the Brighton Palace Pier. The Helter Skelter hadn’t made them disoriented before. However, it was their first trip to the park in about a decade. They knew things had changed. However, they expected it to be in the rides, not themselves.

As a teenager, they had they fallen in love while with taking a trip with a young man. They hoped the young man would discover something into himself. The young man had pulled him aside and kissed him. They almost burst with excitement. Somebody loved them. But neither of them could say a word. They spent the summer together in the bedroom and pretended it could just end.

They drink some water and watch the couples stand in line, their arms around one another. They walk into the arcade and play some video games. At some point, they had the high score on almost every game. However, most of the games had been removed and replaced. They pick out their giant teddy bear and leave the park. Sitting the giant teddy bear next to their mask and receipts, they stretch their sore legs and drive off.

Director: Alasdair McLellan Year: 2020

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