Video Review: Fifth Harmony “Bo$$”

Against a cobalt background, Normani, Lauren, Dinah Jane, Camila and Ally Brooke snap their fingers and dance in their white outfits. “Dreams don’t work unless you do” are written against a black background. Wearing black outfits, they continue to dance against the black background. It rotates back and forth from cobalt and black background. A gold lit “Boss” neon sign sits against the black background.

A photographer takes their picture as they each walk down the runway. They sit on chairs against the cobalt background. They hold up letters spelling confident as they continue to dance. It rotates to the black background. They kick their chairs.

Against the black background, they challenge a group of young men to an arm-wrestling match. Normani and Ally Brooke beat the young men. Lauren takes a picture of the photographers on her phone. Ally Brooke takes the second young man’s hat. Camila blows a kiss. Ally gestures for the second young man to takes off his shirt. The second young man takes off his shirt.

Wearing ivory lace dresses, they sit on a white couch. Camila and Lauren beat two other young men. They stand together against the cobalt background.

Rating: 3.5/5

Camila talks with a young man at a party. He was an up and coming popstar with a few hits. She tells she’d love to work with him sometime. He says he may something in mind. She sits with him at the party and listens to hum the melody. He explains she’d take the second part. She says she would love to be considered. He says “enough about work” and asks her how she’s holding up. She says she’s going to sleep for a week once they get a vacation. He says he has some time off in a few weeks. They could get together. She says they may be able to hang out.

Dinah Jane puts on the mini-skirt. She was uncertain about how it would look on her. However, as she turns in the mirror, she grins. The shorter length made her feel as though she could was on stage, receiving an Oscar. The stylist says she’s pleased with her choice. Dinah says she may have to keep them. The stylist tells her there’s no harming in asking. Dinah turns to see the manager  and knows she can do it.

Ally Brooke slips on the floor and groans. She was never going to be able to get the step right. The choreographer tells her  to do it again. They have a lot of work to do. Ally Brooke puts a hand on her hips. Sometimes the choreographers assumed she couldn’t do anything. She tells him they are going to have to adjust it. Something’s not working. The choreographers says he’ll try. Ally Brooke reminds him she can’t be out with an injuries. The choreographers says he has an idea. Ally Brooke nods and tells him they can try it.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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