Video Review: Kane Brown “Worship You”

Katelyn Brown, wearing an olive-green dress, looks up at the branches of the trees in a forest in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Kane Brown, wearing, a suit, stands in a different area of the forest, his hands at his sides. Katelyn wanders around.

Sitting on a stool, Kane sings. A white sheet hangs on a clothesline behind him. She walks in the field and turns her head. Katelyn sits on the stool and holds their baby. He stands on some rocks by the river. She rolls her head as she sits on the stool. He holds her as they stand in the field together. They smile at their baby.

Rating: 4/5

Kane Brown kisses Katelyn and his daughter as he walks into the family room. His wife hands him their daughter. He tells her she’s a beautiful girl and talks to her. She asks him if he wants to sit on the sundeck for a while. He says he’ll get some toys.

While they sit, she comments their daughter is growing up so fast. Kane says he wants to be there for every moment of it. Katelyn tells him she’s not used to things slowing down. Kane says it’s not going to last. He’ll have to tour eventually. Katelyn says their daughter will have so much fun at the shows. She says they are going to take a walk.

Katelyn rocks their daughter in her arms as she unlocks her phone. Her phone had about 20 percent of its battery left. She sends Kane a picture and says she’s okay. Kane says tell her to stay there. Katelyn tells her she has a good Daddy. Daddy also makes sure they are safe. Their daughter giggles.

Director: Alex Alvga Year: 2020

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