Video Review: Billy Ocean “Loverboy”

An hologram of Billy Ocean folds into a triangle as it flies in outer space. A reptilian creature rides a horse along the shore. He stops his horse by a cave. Hunched over, he walks inside the bar. Two robots with televisions as heads talk. A creature with a motorcycle head drinks his beer while at the counter.

The reptilian creature stands by the bar and observes. The creatures watch Ocean perform in a hologram in the center. The mechanical barboy shakes the cocktail mixer. A black-robed creature with flashing eyes dances. A Stone Age young woman with lavender hair sits on a chair in the corner and rubs the egg shaped creature’s head. A red-haired creature juggles. The reptilian creature snarls and cocks his head as he walks. A one-eyed green creature puffs its cheeks. The reptilian creature takes out his gun and shoots the egg-shaped creature. He grabs the Stone Age young woman and pulls her with him.

A smirking man creature with an enlarged face chuckles. Three black robed creatures sit on the sand and listen to the hologram. The reptilian creature gets on the horse. The Stone Age young woman climbs up and sits next to him. She holds onto him as they ride off.

Rating: 5/5

The black-robed creatures chant on the sand. They hold hands and pray to be to taken to Earth. The black-robed creatures gather in the bar and talk about secret spaceship. The smirking man creature guzzles his beer and remembers when he was human. He had levitated one night into a ship. On the planet, his greed rotted him from the inside. The other creatures avoided him on the island. They knew what he was and who he had been.

The sailor creature comments he plans to ask the Stone Age young woman to dance with him. A second sailor creature tells him not to waste his time. She seems like she’s a princess on a run. The sailor remarks it’s unfortunate the royalty were overthrown. The reptilian creature eyes the Stone Age young woman. Her companion, the egg-shaped creature was her minder. She had to be free of him.

While on the horse, the Stone Age young woman says they have to go to the castle. The reptilian creature tells her he won’t be welcome there. His human features dissipated years ago after he swiped some food. The Stone Age young woman says she can change it for him. He has to trust her. The reptilian creature licks his lips. Her species was known for its kindness, which some marginalized creatures exploited. The reptilian creature says he will take her where it’s safe.

Director: Maurice Phillips Year: 1984


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