Video Review: Little Mix “Sweet Melody”

In a royal blue-lit warehouse, Jade plays with her long ponytail. Leigh-Anne stands with her hips as a flames burn behind her. Jade and several young men perform a dance routine by some poles. It rotates from Jade to Leigh-Anne to Perrie as they roll their heads by the end of a hallway. A young man puts his hands on Jesy’s waist as they dance by a aqua painted fence. She shoves him away and dances by herself.

They dance together. Perrie lies on the floor with a second young man. Jade reaches out with her hand. Several young men dance with them. Leigh-Anne whispers into Jesy’s ear. Jesy tells Perrie. Jade puts both hands by the side of her face. They put their hands on each other’s shoulders as they walk. Spotlights shine on them as a fire burns. They continue to dance with the young men.

Rating: 2/5

Jade says they can’t fight from what’s going on. They have to stay. Perrie says she may have to contact her sources. Jesy talks with the young men and says they should a form an alliance. Leigh-Anne surveys the warehouse and searches for any file cabinets.

Leigh-Anne says they won’t be able to move eventually. The fire is getting closer. Perrie says they don’t have much time. Jesy brings over the young men. She says they used to work in the warehouse and help them find things they need. Jade taps her foot. People knew they were there. From the window, she could see several empty building. The lights were off. It was a possible area. They had to have somewhere else to go.

They freeze as they listen to the pounding on the door. Leigh-Anne crouches down and slides on the floor. Perrie almost trips and Jesy catches her. The young men grip their weapons. Jade waves at Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jesy to go. Perrie says she’s not staying by herself. Jesy says they know what they have to do. Leigh-Anne says she’s not running anymore. The door begins to crack.

Director: KC Locke Year: 2020

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