Video Review: Farruko “La Tóxica”

A young woman smiles as she takes off her headphones. She looks at her Farruko poster hanging on her bedroom wall. She gets up and walks towards the mirror. On television, Farruko stands by a piano against a black background. She holds up her wrist and her wrist band opens the closet for her.

As she touches her clothes, they blur and form a portal. She walks inside and enters a glow-in-the-dark. Farruko sings in a teal painted hallway. Lit in electric blue, people dance at the club. The young woman dances with them. Against a black background with royal blue stripes, Farruko continues to sing. Several young women dance in the teal painted hallway. One of the young women dances against the black background with royal blue stripes.

A magician talks to the young woman. He blows into his cards and tosses them in the air. The bartender offers her drink. She says no but takes it. As she drinks it, her eyes turn white. She runs to listen to Farruko, who sings through a bullhorn.

She sits up in bed and looks to the closet. The portal closes.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman puts her hand on her head, hoping it’ll steady the room. She picks up her head and sees it has stopped moving. The effects were finally starting to wear off. Getting up, she thinks of meeting Farruko. He had been really sweet. They talked for about 15 minutes. However, somehow it seemed like it never happened.

She had been focusing on the Farruko poster for a long time. Last year, she almost saw Farruko but got into a festival instead. She hadn’t been able to see anything. But she made the best of it with some other confused fans. One of the young men had told her he had gotten into the Farruko portal and explained what she needed to do.

Her wristband dings. It was likely an email asking about her service with the portal. Another message appears.It was from Farruko and telling her the special code for entry into his portal. She writes it down. On her wristband, she swipes to a calendar date, giving her a reserved spot. She squeals and thinks of how she’s going to ask Farruko out one day.

Director: Fernando Lugo Year: 2020

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