Video Review: M2M “Pretty Boy”

Cars speed by an office building. Two women mannequins stand in the window. Golden lights turn on as Marit and Marion sit on a bed. Several people move in silhouette as the lights are turned down. With the lights back on, Marit and Marion laugh.

In silhouette, a teenaged mannequin man stands. A twentysomething woman mannequin moves to brush Marion’s hair. A twentysomething man takes pictures. They freeze as they stand by the camera. Marit and Marion put the teenaged mannequin’s arms around their shoulders. Marion gives him a kiss on the cheek.

They sit on a lilypad while golden flowered lights planted in the pool of water. A second teenaged mannequin man turns his head. Marion and Marit walk in the water. Marit plays the guitar by the edge of the pool. They sit by a fountain. Leaning against a wooden pole, she plays the guitar. They carry a third teenaged man mannequin. Two mannequin versions of Marit and Marion stand in the window.

Rating: 3/5

Marit wiggles her toes and stretches her legs. She had just another hour of being human. While in the store, she tries on a necklace and puts on some earrings. Marion leans against her the second teenaged man. Marit says he can’t respond to touch for another couple hours. Marion says she just wants to be with him for a few moments. The thirtysomething woman mannequin strides over to them and tells Marion it’s not the of the world.

Marion lets the water from the fountain touch her palm. She searches for change and finds a quarter. Closing her eyes, she makes a wish and tosses it into the water. Marit, hands on her right cheek, gazes at the third teenaged mannequin man. He was so gorgeous. However, he was already taken. During the night, he walked over to the junior’s store across from them and stood with his girlfriend. There was no competing with his girlfriend.

Marion feels her skin tighten. It was the part of the process she disliked the most. She moves her hand in place. Marit’s face hardens as the words get muffled. She tells her it’s just for the night. An employee will change her outfit sometime tomorrow.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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