Video Review: Jax Jones & Au/Ra “I Miss You”

Lit in teal, the rain drenches a young woman as she walks into a warehouse. At home, she checks her phone as she sits on the couch. A teddy bear with a heart in its center sits beside her. She gets up. Lit in royal blue, she touches her face as she dances in the warehouse.

She pushes into a plastic sheet as sea green and violet light shine on it. Jax Jones stands on the DJ Booth in the center of the warehouse. Teal spotlights bounce from the floor to the walls as she dances. Au/Ra, lit in teal, sings on a screen over Jones. She lies on the floor as the song ends.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman blinks as the rain gets in her eyes. The goosebumps dot her arms as she lifts herself up. She stumbles as she stands. Rubbing her leg, she winces in pain. She was out of breath and wanted to vomit. A part of her was still alive. She sits in the bus shelter and watches the rain. Her phone was soaked and no longer working. At least 3 years of her life disappeared. She couldn’t rid of them on her own.

On the bus, the driver offers her a blanket and asks if she needs any help. She says she’s fine and sits behind him. Someone cared. Wrapping herself in the blanket, she leans her head against the window and watches as the bus passes by her ex-boyfriend’s neighborhood. She should be there right now. They should be together.

The sun rises as she walks home. She takes a look at it. It was another day she had to get through. She takes off her high heels and opens the door of her home. She lies on the floor and falls asleep.

Director: Santi & Pablo Year: 2020


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