Video Review: Run-D.M.C. “It’s Tricky”

A crowd gathers on the sidewalk by the Rialto Theater in Los Angeles, California. A thirtysomething man (Penn) holds money in his hand and tells a twentysomething woman, “you lose again.” She exclaims, “why do I keep losing?” The thirtysomething man tells her “you gotta get lucky, you’re learning the game” as his partner (Teller) switches the cards. The thirtysomething man says, “How about a chance to get all your money back, you like that? Gimme your chain. I can feel it. The cards are with you!” She takes off her gold chain and gives it to him.

His partner smirks and deals the cards. She picks one and the thirtysomething man tells her, “you lose again!” He puts her gold chain around his neck. The thirtysomething man says “anyone else?” His partner elbows him once he sees a police officer. The thirtysomething man says “Thanks, gotta run.” The twentysomething woman calls out, “Wait! Wait! Where do you guys think you are going with my chain?” A police officer approaches her and she tells him, “he took my chain.” The police officer reassures her, saying, “I’ll get ’em” and runs off.

DMC answers the phone. “They did what? What did they do?” The twentysomething woman says “they took my gold chain.” He tells her, “you stay right there. We comin’ right now.” He turns to Jam Master Jay and tells him, “Yo, J, hit it. Let’s go.” Rev Run and DMC rap in the helicopter while Jay flies it.

Jay lands the helicopter by the Rialto. They approach the thirtysomething man and his partner while they deal cards. The thirtysomething man and his partner are shocked as Rev Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay win each time. The thirtysomething man tells DMC, “Excuse me, sir, you’ve taken all our money, can you teach me and my little friend a remarkable skill, like how to dance?” They walk away as he says, “please?” DMC hands them sneakers and shirts. The thirtysomething man and his partner sit on the sidewalk and chain. They join Run-DMC as they dance on the sidewalk. Run-DMC get back in the helicopter.

A note on the screen reads: “Six months later…somewhere in Japan.” Fans cheer in the arena. Rev Run says, “hey Lee. It’s Run-DMC. We’re ready to rock the house.” Lee tells them that Run-DMC are on stage and they are fake.” The thirtysomething man and his partner attempt to rap on stage. Rev Run shakes his hand and says “that’s tricky, man.”

Rating: 5/5

Jam Master Jay looks over his shoulder as walks into the helicopter the thirtysomething man and his partner had been seen lurking around the area. Security had been tightened at the studio and at their homes. However, he knew the helicopter was vulnerable.

The thirtysomething man nods at his partner. He puts on his hat and says the mechanic has left the helicopter. They tiptoe towards it. His partner fiddles with the dials. The thirtysomething man says he can handle it and steers the joystick. The engine whirrs and the wheels lift up. The thirtysomething man scrambles at the controls and demands for it to stop. The helicopter screeches along runway. They each sigh with relief as it stops short of a building.

Rev Run says the grifters are continuing to target them. DMC says they are all over the news. Everyone knows who they are now. As they watch the news, they listen to the reporter as she says police officers discovered multiple aliases for them. They are fugitives in a couple of countries for stealing people identities. She adds they were planning on taking over the lives of the members of Run-DMC. Jam Master Jay’s jaw drops. Rev Run shuts off the television and says they’ve had enough the crazy.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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