Video Review: Cinderella “Nobody’s Fool”

Lit in electric blue, two sisters laugh as they walk in the bushes. They run to their pink car with black polka dots and change their outfits. Wearing clock hats, they smirk at one another and pull out of the parking lot. An assistant opens the door of the limousine and several young women get out. The sisters park in the studio lot as Tom, Jeff, Eric, Fred, and two young women walk inside to the studio.

Tom finds a chair for the first young woman. She watches them as they perform against a bubblegum pink backdrop with mango highlights. Confetti falls as Tom sings. The first young woman glances at the time and sees it’s 11:55 p.m. The two sisters dance in the back. As it gets closer to midnight, she scurries out of the studio and runs home. She lies on her bed. While she stands, she touches the bedposts. A teal glow changes her outfit in a white dress. She runs back to the studio.

Tom signs an autograph while the two sisters follow behind him. They put their hands on their hips while he smiles at the first young woman.

Rating: 4/5

The first young woman stands on her tiptoes as her two sisters talk with Tom, Jeff, Eric and Fred. They had knocked her down once the band’s limousine parked.  Tom asks them if they know the first young woman. The first sister says she’s an acquaintance and invites them over to their home. The second sister puts her arms around Eric. Eric peels her arms off and says they have to go. The second sister tries to kiss him but he turns his cheek away. Tom tells the first sister to contact him about their acquaintance.

Tom looks into the crowd and thinks he sees the first young woman. She had to be somewhere. He tells Eric he’s going to take the long way. He finds her in the corner and excuses himself as he walks by people. The first young woman blushes and he introduces himself. He asks her if she’d like to watch a private show. She says it’d be great.

She knows she wasn’t good enough to be there. Tom hadn’t even looked at her once since he started performing. Her two sisters were in the back, calling Tom handsome and urging him to come over. Tom probably would and then he’d fall for them. Everyone else usually did. She walks home. At midnight, she wears a dress. It just had appeared on her. She walks back to the studio and waits with everyone else. Tom sees her and says she shouldn’t have left. She smiles and takes his hand. He opens the door for her and asks her if she’s okay. She nods and says everything is perfect.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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