Video Review: H.E.R. “Damage”

H.E.R. walks up the stairs of the stage of the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California. She stands on the rug and sings into the microphone. Behind her background singers, several plants sit on tables with lamps. Two plants and lamps lie on the rug. She walks away after she finishes singing.

Rating: 2.5/5

H.E.R. sits on a couch on stage and reads a book. It was just like being at home. Her nerves had started to calm down. She checks the time on her phone. In about an hour, she was supposed to meet her background singers. She hoped they were friendly. A particular background singer had been condescending to her as they talked. The background singer seemed to resent her for success and rolled her eyes whenever she made a suggestion.

One of the background singers says it’s good to finally meet her. H.E.R. nods and says it’s going to be a quick rehearsal. She wants to be in and out. The second background singer says her drive over was really rough. H.E.R. comments she was surprised to get the venue on time. The first background singer asks if she can talk to her at a different time and ask for some advice. H.E.R. tells her she’ll give her number later.

The first background singer tells H.E.R. she can do it. H.E.R. smiles at her and says they are singing her song next. The first background singer shakes her head and says it’s not ready yet. H.E.R. tells her they have to figure out if it’s working. The first background singer tells her “okay.” H.E.R. says they are learning from each other and it’ll be helpful. The first background singer cringes as she walks to the microphone. H.E.R. assures her it’s not bad. The first background singer saw her as a mentor. She hadn’t thought of herself that way. They were both still new and trying to gain some success. The first background singer could succeed. Maybe one day, the first background singer will open her for on one of her tours.

Director: Jon Chou Year: 2020

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