Video Review: Aaron Hall “Let’s Make Love”

Two horses run in the snow at the ranch. Aaron Hall rides a horse. He pours wine in a glass as he sits in the bathtub. surrounding by candles. He talks on the phone with a young woman while she lies in bed. In the back of a limousine, the young woman opens up a present. She holds up the mink coat.

He touches his body as he dances in front of the fireplace. Wearing a winter coat, he stands on the field by the cabin. She takes off her fur coat as she walks inside the cabin and kisses him. Lit in powder blue, she closes her eyes as he kisses the back of her foot.

She sits on the bed as he stands by it. He takes off his robe and kisses her in bed. They sleep together. They walk with the horses in the snow. Carrying a tray of orange juice and muffins, he taps the young woman on the shoulder as she sleeps in bed. She sits up, sheet covering her naked body. He kisses her as he hands her the tray.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman entwines her hand with Aaron Hall’s as they watch a movie. She tells him she wishes they could stay at the cabin a few more days. He says he can arrange it. She kisses him and he holds onto her waist on the couch. She giggles as he lifts up her sweater. He tells her he wants to make love to her again and again. She tells him not to stop.

She puts on her fur coat and waits for Hall to get dressed. He holds her hand as they walk to the ranch. She rubs the horse’s nose. He grins and whispers she’s incredibly special. She blushes and says “thank you.” They ride their horse on the trail. She says they should visit the park during the summer. They could camp out and gaze at the stars. He tells her they can start planning it once they get home.

He kisses her and tells her driver to make sure she gets some dinner on the way home. She says she had such a wonderful time and hopes to see him soon. He tells her his driver will take care of her and to let his assistants know if she needs anything. She sits in the backseat of the limousine and finds her blanket. There hadn’t been much time for sleep. The driver hands her a present. She says, “another one?” and opens it. It  was a diamond necklace. She puts it on and rests her head against the seat.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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